Thursday, 12 March 2015

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Anyone know where this image originally came from? I've been using it to explain aspects of feminism to some people. I used it on International Women's Day as a response to someone asking if I was indulging in the stereo type if I was wearing pink. Ugh. Shut. Up.

Something lighthearted to start us off...

Live long, die green, and leave a biodegradable corpse - I was so happy to read this 'cos it's something I've thought about a lot before, not in a morbid way, just that I worry about how much space human graves are taking up? I want the parts of my body to be able to grow into new things one day.

Women in science etsy shop - obviously I love it!

One of those "...reasons to never go somewhere amazing" buzzfeed posts - this one is Birmingham, which you know I've visited and love!

Why having a huuuuge make up collection isn't always the best thing - sorry bbloggers, but it's true. Super post from Ellen's Blog, basically everything I think but wasn't brave enough to put into a blog post!

Some more lighthearted cute animal pics!

International Women's Day, because... - brilliant post from mo'adore, basically all her reasons why.

You probably haven't heard of these five amazing women scientists - so pay attention! - unless you study science in which case I hope you have heard of them! And even if not this is a great read and you should all know these names as well as you know the names of famous male scientists!

5 Ways to End Bullying - something else very close to my heart.

24 stereotypes women are sick and tired of hearing

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