Sunday, 22 February 2015

This week happiness is... #32

 Finally putting this sheet up in my bedroom. I bought it along with another at a car boot sale. The lady selling them was lovely and told us about her life when she used to live in Africa.

I already mentioned this in my last post but the research done at my university is super super awesome!

Seeing Jungle at The Pyramids in Southsea! Oh my stars, it was awwwesome and groovy. It finished really early so we ended up going back to our friends and getting pizza. Pizza-go-go do quorn pizzas guys!!!

The sun being so bright and streaming through the windows, it finally looks like winter might be ending.
Having hardly any lectures this week so being able to crack on with coursework. So kind of a happy thing but also not really... although my coursework is actually really interesting. Can't wait to get it done.
Some pretty folders I bought to organise my coursework. About time.
Finishing drop dead diva! The ending was crap I'm serious!!! They needed some big moment but it wasn't, there was just some singing. Which was nice cos he sounded like Michael Buble and I like him.

Catching up with lots of friends at a house pardy. Some of my friends I hardly see this year, everyone is just so so busy. 

Drowning ourselves in glitter. Two of my housemates came to the party too and we got dressed up and glittery.

Nutella. I haven't had it in ages and bought some this week and have been eating it non stop since!

Good luck to anyone else doing coursework, or studying for exams. It suuuuucks. My week was kinda dull, apart from the party and the concert... OK so maybe not that dull but my days have been spent at my desk trying to crack on with the coursework! Now, tell me about your week? Anything great happen? xo

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