Sunday, 15 February 2015

This week happiness is... #31

Almost succeeding in being dairy free for the week. We did order pizza last night but it was meant to be a celebratory we-lasted-a-whole-week-without-dairy pizza but we didn't last the whole week exactly... I'm going to carry on cutting down on how much dairy I eat 'cos it's quite easy to avoid it. 
The view from the top of Spinnaker tower - Portsmouth
Getting all dressed up, including wearing heels(!!!). It was our uni's RAG ball this week and we got tickets! It was a masquerade ball at the top of Spinnaker tower. I'd never been up it and the views are stunning. There is a glass floor too on the first floor so you can stand on it and look all the way down to the ground - eek! I never wear heels so I really struggled haha.

Finding said pair of heels in a charity shop for £3.50.
I reeeaally didn't want my photo taken
Having a friend to go to an art exhibition opening with. Not many of my friends would be interested in that sort of thing but I went with someone I know from feminism society at my uni. It was all local artists, some of whose work I recognised. I love going out and doing something different or going somewhere new.

Being able to rest and catch up on sleep at the weekend.

Snuggly nights in with pizza, xbox and horror films. We watched Grave Encounters, it's surprisingly good!
Slightly wilting roses in a pathetic glass
Having roses in the house thanks to one of my housemates having to sell them for one of his modules! I did actually buy one, to help him out ya know, but he brought back a few leftovers so we have this slightly forlorn bunch in the living room.

So how has your week been? xo

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