Sunday, 8 February 2015

This week happiness is... #30

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair
My Slovenian housemates cousin coming to stay for the week! She is so lovely (her cousin, not her) (kidding, she's super lovely too!) and it has been fun having someone to show around the city. It's also funny the things she noticed about England that we don't 'cos we live here. She's noticed that we swear all the time, which then I noticed is absolutely true...
Tea at the Vintage Fair
Lou Lou's Vintage fair at Guildhall, which I went to with my friends, and I bought a jacket for only £10! It was originally £30 and I didn't see the sale tag, oh my stars I was so so happy when I found out how much it actually was! We spent a couple of hours browsing and then another hour chatting over tea, paninis, and cake.

Snow! OK so there was only a short flurry, and it melted off the cars before I even left the house but it was still pretty to watch.

Going to Portsmouth aquarium with the housemates and friends. I was starting to feel ill when we went but I was dying to go anyway, I'm kind of glad I did 'cos I love the aquarium because it's so peaceful. But it took my last drop of health and I spent that night with a horrible fever and am only just recovering *sad face*.

My best friend making cracking sweet potato soup and looking after me while I've been ill. I haven't even had the energy to get out of bed let alone cook haha but lucky me I live with awesome people so I've been cooked for, shopped for, had my forehead dabbed with a cold flannel and kept company on the sofa watching Game of Thrones.

Having a girly night on the last night my housemate's cousin stayed. We had face masks and snacks and girly films! We watched Clueless which is one of my all time favourite films and I finally got my appetite back and ate pizza, cookies, pasta, garlic bread and mini eggs! I made up for lost food ;-)

I hope you've all had a better week than I have. I'm feeling pretty crummy at the moment, this cough hasn't shifted for more than six weeks! I am not great at being ill, I hate it and I ignore being ill until I'm so ill I can't even get out of bed. Which is what I did this time too, but I've been resting and drinking lots of fluids and eating good food and the fever is gone, I'm still pretty tired, but my cough still hasn't shifted and I've got a stuffy nose again! I also keep getting headaches/migraines and looking at bright lights really fucking hurts! I read an article about keeping happy when you're ill and that even though we should connect mind and body it's important to lead with whichever's strongest. Right now I guess my mind is (never thought I'd say that!) so I'm trying really hard to stay positive and not worry! Sorry for the long finish up here, I'm bored and concerned haha! Tell me about your week? We need a catch up! xo


  1. I hate being ill too, hope you get well soon! Craving Clueless now!x

  2. Really hope you feel better soon, being ill is the worst! Sending you virtual soup and healing vibes x

  3. I love the aquarium too, theres something strangely therapeutic about watching loads of brightly couloured fish swimming around! I went to the zoo this week and got to see so many cool animals, and overcame my little fear of snakes by actually holding one, even if it did crawl into my hood! Hope you're feeling better soon, I have managed to avoid the dreaded cough and cold so far this year (touch wood) but like you I suck at being ill, I turn into such a moody teenager when I havent had enough sleep :(


  4. Sounds like you had a lovely week despite the sickness! Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  5. Hope you're not ill now :) Get well soon. :D Seemed like you had an awesome week. :)
    Love when you get bargains like that in stores. I hope to see your jacket soon.


  6. Thanks Sophie, I'm starting to feel better now :) go watch it, you know you want to ;) xo

  7. Thank you! And it was delish ;) xo

  8. It really is :( I get so miserable being ill! Thank you lovely :') xo

  9. I love pressing my face right up to the glass and pretending I'm in there with them and the real world doesn't exist haha. Weird. Aw yay! Well done on holding a snake, I love snakes and have held a few but my fear is spiders and I'd never be brave enough to hold one! Ugh well done! How have you avoided it?! I've had a cough for eight weeks now and my DR thinks I might be developing asthma which is fun!! -_- xo

  10. It has been :) there are always things to smile about! Thank you :) xo

  11. I still have a cough :( I don't know how to get rid of it it's been two months now :/ I will take photos and post it soon, it's sooo lovely! xo

  12. I hope you've started to feel better!
    I went to the aquarium over the weekend, they are definitely relaxing and I almost always skip taking photos to, because the reflections make me irritated haha.

    Don't think I've got much to update to be honest, we had a weekend away in Amsterdam this weekend just gone but mostly I'm a bit lost in my head these days and struggling to find an interest in anything or the motivation to pull myself out of this.

  13. The fever is gone but I'm still coughing and getting migraines :/
    Ooh lucky you! I'm dying to go to Amsterdam! I was gonna go this Summer after being in France with a few mates but we're not sure any of us can afford to now. Being a student sucks sometimes! I know how you feel. Apart from uni work I have no motivation to do anything except watch Drop Dead Diva and drink tea haha :/ xo