Sunday, 1 February 2015

This week happiness is... #29

First of all happy February! I am glad January is over, mostly 'cos Feb is looking like it's gonna be a cracking month! And February's blog schedule is pink! I'm really liking pink right now, it's such a happy, unapologetic colour. And I know it was always seen as a "girly" colour, which is apparently not good and ew. But in my eyes pink is a strong, bold colour showing confidence and fun!

Finally getting the guts up to go out to The Union with feminism society. I only knew one person so that always made me too nervous to go but I did and ended up having a great time with them! I can't wait to go again.

I also went out with other friends after that and had a sick night, I've got a few big nights planned in the next month which I am hugely excited about!

Watching Game of Thrones again! I haven't seen it in ages and we are watching it again 'cos one of my housemates has never seen it!! I think she likes it!

George Ezra. Bit late on the bandwagon but I can see why he's so popular now that I've listened! I'm always wary of listening to chart music 'cos pop music today is mostly rubbish (leaving room for decent pop artists like Taylor Swift. but still leaves the charts full of rubbish) but music of other sorts of genres is making it into the charts now which I am super happy about! Although even the house music that makes it in has elements of pop in it (which I personally think ruins it). I've got a post coming this week where I'll talk more on this haha!

Treating myself to a new lipstick, it's lilac! Which I never thought would suit me but it really does!

This turned into a much longer list than I thought it'd be haha. Seems it's been a good week! Tell me about yours and what was your best bit? :) 


  1. Awh I love pink, I used to think it's 'too girly' but that was before I joined the feminism league. Pink is not just a color, it's an attitude! And this lipstick looks gorgeous!!

  2. Seems like you had a great week. :)
    I totally forgot that it was february which I am so excited for.
    Between Valentines day and lots of exciting stuff, i reckon February is going to be the best month :)


  3. What a lovely post, thanks for sharing! The lipstick looks very pretty too! <3

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  4. I tempted to re-watch Game Of Thrones before the new season is aired... because that's just the generation we are! (I don't know why I added that extra part... I've been talking a lot about 'this generation' lately haha)

    Oooh lilac, that's an interesting colour,I don't know if I'd suit that...

  5. That's what I think! Such a fun colour! :) Thank you, it's a new colour for me :)

  6. February is gonna be great! I have lots planned and Valentine's day is always good :)

  7. Do it! I freaking love it! Haha "this generation" knows how to live ;) I didn't think I would but it doesn't look bad, I reckon it would suit you!

  8. Thank you Helen :) it is, I can't wait to wear it out!