Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Science of Love

Learning about the science behind anything is fun for me because there always has to be an explanation for everything, and if there isn't, it means we haven't found it yet! That to me is super exciting! I love asap science, their videos are so easy to understand and short so you don't get bogged down, so so good to watch if you want to learn about everyday things that you've probably wondered about before!

Obviously I'm writing this because it's Valentine's Day this week! I have never loved it or hated it particularly. I hate how commercialised it is now, but I also like to take it as a time to remember to care about everyone and to do kind things to show my friends, family and strangers love. If you do anything this week focus more on doing extra nice things for others, the world needs more love and we can start on a small scale. If everyone treated others with even a little more compassion the world would be a much better place.

How are you planning to celebrate Valentine's Day? xo


  1. Oh, ASAPscience always have some great videos. You are so right it has been totally commercialised, but I still hope you enjoy a nice day. With love,


  2. I really like them :) easy for anyone to understand too! Oh I will thanks, making plans for pizza and horror films... ;) xo

  3. I really really liked this video. Have a lovely day! I will probably be having dinner with my boyfriend this weekend. :D


  4. Thanks Ellen, glad you enjoyed it! Aw lovely, enjoy your Valentine's! xo

  5. This is just the kind of video that Kris would like, he also loves those 'how things are made' videos. We'll be spending Valentine's day having a lazy weekend because we're tired from being busy for the last month! On Friday we'll watch a movie and eat popcorn :)

  6. If he hasn't already get him to check out more of asap science they do some great videos! I'm also having a lazy weekend yay! So happy to be doing nothing haha xo