Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Student Life || Valentine's Day

Never having been coupled up on Valentine's Day whilst I've been a student (or any other time of the year) I'll have to write from the perspective of a single student. A species that seems to be dying out as second year progresses...

There are still a fair few other singles out there I can grab for a night in on V-Day 'cos students will use any excuse to celebrate, whether it's celebrating out with a few drinks, or staying in with a pizza. Staying in with a pizza is always my choice. I'm going to pitch the idea of a pizza and horror movies night on V-Day with some of my single mates, I doubt they'll say no.

Last year I was more into drinking, like most first years (I don't know what happens but the transition to second year makes you an old hermit usually) and with my other single housemate, we went to our single friends' for some single fun in a blanket fort!!

We look so happy and not drunk at all. That's me in the middle, my pose is "peeking over the imaginary wall between single life and couple life and crying softly". I say that but I actually prefer single life, I think, I haven't tried couple life at uni but I don't really plan to. Unless I get swept off my feet by my dream man (hilarious, feminist, good cook, total weirdo - send applications to the email in my bio please).

I love making a big deal of Valentine's Day, there are so many things you can do whether you're single or not! And it really doesn't have to be expensive. Even if I wasn't single I'm pretty sure I would suggest pizza and horror movies for V-Day. I hate how commercialised it is, which I've said before, but I am trying to stay away from ranting about that and instead just celebrate it my way!

What do you think of Valentine's Day? An excuse to celebrate? Love how tacky it is? Or total snooze-fest and you ignore it? I like hearing how different people celebrate different holidays, if at all!

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  1. I totally understand your point of view. I have been in a relationship once on Valentine, and didn't do anything special expect watching the carnaval with my boyfriend. This year, I'm still single and I will just enjoy the day by watching tv-shows, going out, and much more... Let's have a great anti-valentine's day? :D I don't like the day. Not only because I'm single but my friends do always have the feeling they have to match myself up...

  2. I think Valentines day is the perfect opportunity to do something you wouldn't normally do, be it with friends or your boyfriend. While I'll be going out with my boyfriend for dinner, I'd probably advise friends to go for dinner or have a picnic or something!


  3. Loved reading this! The pizza and horror movies idea would sound great if I weren't so terrified of horror movies! Your blanket fort looks so cool though! Thats something I can probably do hahaha

  4. We never go out for Valentine's day, way too many people! I like to stay in, maybe order some food, or cook something and just relax on the sofa. Like most nights :)

  5. I was never a huge V Day fan, Couples should show their love for each other everyday, not just one day in a year!
    My boyfriend and I are just treating it like any normal day, he's coming to my house to watch a film and play video games with me :) He was talking about bringing me to Mcdonalds and bringing a big candle holder...I really hope hes joking about that or I'll be mortified!!! Hahaha :)
    Spending valentines day with friends is such a good idea, Valentines day is all about love so why not show your friends and family you love them!! :)

    Amber x