Friday, 20 February 2015

OOTD || vintage tartan jacket & new strongest natural material discovered!

jacket - vintage fair || dress - New Look (super old) || cross print tights - so fucking old I actually have no idea
frilly socks - Topshop or some other generic high st. store || creepers - Urban Outfitters (old)
I love this outfit so much. The interesting lighting hasn't even affected the colours so you can still appreciate it all ;) I mentioned the jacket before and this is it! It was only £10 at Lou Lou's Vintage Fair which came to Portsmouth the other week. I've been searching in charity shops for a new jacket for ages, I'm so glad I waited and finally found this. I bought the dress in a sale so it was also pretty cheap, I'm sure I remember it being like a fiver or something 'cos it was the last one. Such a cosy and easy to wear dress.
The creepers were also in a sale. Yes, OK, so they're expensive even at sale price! They were still £50 but it's not like £50 for a silly pair of shoes that I can't walk in and would only wear a few times... £50 for a pair of decent, sturdy (I sound like a granny, lol soz) seriously comfy yet stylish shoes... well I think they're adorable anyway. I get so much wear out of my black ones, I need to wear these ones more, but I consider them my "fancy" creepers haha! 

Only two days ago my uni published their news! Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have discovered the strongest natural material known to man - even stronger than spider silk which was the strongest before this! They discovered that limpets have tiny teeth with a structure that could be replicated to make cars, boats, and planes of the future. Read a bit about it here! And then google it 'cos it's all over the news and it's pretty damn interesting. Am I proud of my uni?! Hell to the fucking yes I am!!!

So, what do you guys think of the jacket!? Soooo worth £10! And what about the shoes? One of my housemates hates creepers and says they're ugly, do you agree with her? Or do you think they are super adorable and comfy like me? ;) I included the bit about the research 'cos it's so so exciting!! I love science and this is something pretty incredible :) do you like reading bits about science? Even if you don't study it I think it's so worth knowing little bits of it. 

ps. no leggings this time... ;)

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