Sunday, 18 January 2015

This week happiness is... #27

A vintage fair came to our uni and I loved everything there. But it wasn't cheap enough for me. It was cheap for vintage but for someone who buys mostly from charity shops, it was a little steep. Didn't stop me finding something I could afford to buy hehe.

Getting good marks back on my coursework! Only tiny percentages but it counts for something! :)

The relief of finishing an exam, and thinking "well, I'm sure i got half right".

Drop Dead Diva. Oh wow, my friend introduced me to it this week and I've finished season one and started season two. It's mega girly and hilarious. One of those things to watch to cheer you up.

Having a pretty busy, but fun and relaxing weekend after a stressful week revising! On Friday I got the train home as two of my aunts from Ireland were visiting. On Saturday we all got up early to go and visit my aunt who lives in England. I rarely get to see my family so it was really nice to see lots of them over the weekend. I got to see my cousins too and have a lil catch up with everyone. I went home to Portsmouth on Saturday night but it was still worth it to go just for the day. We also then went round to our friends Saturday night and played cards against humanity. I tried to cuddle my friends cat but he doesn't like me and ran away.

Home made cupcakes! My aunt is an amazing baker and she always makes us lovely cakes and this time when we went to see her she gave me a big box full of cupcakes to take back to uni. We've eaten a few already and they are divine!

Black Mirror! Just got around to watching it and oh wow. Deep.

Despite suffering a horrible migraine so having to spend all Sunday in bed I had no worries on my mind now that the exam is out of the way and had a kind of relaxing day, apart from the intense pain haha.

Sorry this post is up so late, like I said, been in bed all day with all the lights off and no screens to try recover from the migraine. I didn't used to get them but my headaches I always got and now they are getting worse. Not cool. I hope you've all had a good week :) tell me what the best bits were? xo


  1. I forgot how awesome Drop Dead Diva is! Must start watching it again :) Sounds like a really good week! Hope you find total chill-ness now that your exams are over

  2. Love these little posts. Too bad the vintage fair was a bit steep in price. :) It's funny that you were playing Cards against the humanity as people in my flat in college were playing that last night. :D Also well done and congrats on your exams, no point worrying now. I hope you have a great week this week. :)


  3. Sounds like a nice week, even with the migraine. Hope that's gone away now!

    We haven't started watching Black Mirror yet, it's on the list haha

    Seems like everyone is playing cards against humanity lately!

  4. IT'S SO FREAKING GOOD! Can't believe there are 5 seasons yay :'D thanks sweet, hope you had a great week too xo

  5. Aw thank you :D yes, everyone plays it haha! Card games trends, is that a thing? :P thanks love, you too xo

  6. Finally has gone away but still having to go to drs next week urghh.

    OMG watch it! It's so so good and fucked up haha. One of those things you're like why am I watching this but omg it's amazing! xo