Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Student Life || Fitness and Eating Healthy

More like "Occasionally working out and eating healthy 50% of the time..."

It's hard as a student to be fit and healthy. We are naturally lazy, poor and really enjoy pizza. I am no way at all a very fit and healthy student. I am a strong believer in everything in moderation and I don't believe in dieting at all, it's a lifestyle, not just for a few months. Honestly, some people are not naturally meant to be tiny. Whatever you look like when you are exercising regularly and eating with moderation in mind, that is your healthy look/weight whatever! It should really be about how you feel not how you look...

1. If you want pizza, eat pizza. I can't stress this enough. But always eat it with friends and a good movie on.

2. If you're not into your classic team sports that are the most popular and super cool societies (hahahahaha...) try one that's smaller and more interesting! I prefer the smaller ones because it's easier to make friends too. I go to street dance this year and I love it!

3. Yoga videos on youtube. Especially Yoga with Adrienne. I'm doing the 30 days of yoga playlist she's been making this month, I'm far behind and sometimes miss a day but it's so good to do even every other day. And by using youtube it's free!

4. Just go for a fucking run. It doesn't have to be long, or hard, even a quick burst of energy to get you round the block is awesome.

5. Mix your veggies into cheesy pasta 'cos then it's healthy. This is definitely true.

6. Bananaaaas.

7. Don't visit family that bakes too often. They'll send you back with a huge case of huge cupcakes to eat (true story).

8. Smoothies and soups (before you stop reading and roll your eyes with "not soup again" in your head, hear me out). I suggest investing in a blender, it's my fave thing ever. I make soup quite often and it's the perfect way to cram in loads of veggies that are about to go out of date. Doesn't take much effort or time! Same goes for smoothies :) if you want I have a super simple onion soup recipe you can try...

9. Put music on and daaaaance. Anyone remember all those teenage girl advice books and where it was advising you what exercise to do it always suggested "cool" alternatives, like roller skating? Yeh, well it ALWAYS suggested putting awesome badass music on and dancing around your room. And they were right. I would have said go out and have a boogie but we all know how much students drink and I'm not sure that counts...

10. Does mulled wine count as one of your five a day?

I obviously don't take anything seriously at all haha. But seriously, this is kind of my approach to staying healthy and fit. Moderation is key with food and exercise should be something you enjoy! This is all coming from my perspective, though, maybe that mindset doesn't work for everyone. Let me know your attitude to healthy eating and exercise, I'd be interested to know! Are you a diet fan or like me, believe in everything in moderation? 

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  1. I love making soup (blenders for life <3 ), they are healthy, easy to make, delicious and easy on your wallet. Haha I always argue that strawberry ice-cream is part of my 5 a day. With the amount I eat, I could count it as 5 of my 5 a day :P I always get bananas, they aren't my favourite fruit, but they are cheap and they are gone in like 2 mins! Don't have to wash them, cut them or anything. Lazy girl style.

  2. Strawberry ice cream of course counts! :P I don't actually like them all that much either but I know that they give me more energy than most other snacks would, and lazy girl style is my fave style <3 xo

  3. I am at the point where I do prefer healthy foods to a chocolate bar or a packet of doritos or something. I just find the more you eat healthily the more you will adapt to the way you are eating. The same goes with going vegetarian which I am doing.

    Also for doing exercise, which I don't, doing it with friends can help!

    I really liked how light hearted this post was.


  4. Most of the time I do but everyone has their weaknesses and it's debatable how much damage one tiny chocolate bar will do, in fact chocolate has its benefits! That's why I just believe in everything in moderation and not checking that you are eating healthy by size but by how you feel. Like I eat pizza sometimes but I still always feel healthy :) it's good for the soul to treat oneself every now and again :)

    Yes exercise with friends can be useful if you're not one to usually like it, good point! xo

  5. Eat your cake for breakfast - that way you have all day to burn it off :) That's my excuse anyway!

    It's all moderation. I also hate the concept of 'naughty' foods. That drives me crazy and I just want to punch people.

  6. Running, yoga and dancing round my room - that's my fitness regime in a nutshell! All free (apart from a bit of running kit) and all can be done whenever fits my chaotic schedule :)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog