Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Pressure in blogging

This is something loads of bloggers have written about, so this post is hardly original, but it's personal and it's from my point of view of that pressure. Just 'cos I feel like chatting with ye guys about it. 

I know I was feeling really happy with my blog last month with the views but I am also now really feeling the pressure to post often, with a constant high standard of writing and photography, which is going to be harder now I am back at uni with lots of work to do. Blogging will always be a hobby to me but it's a hobby I want to be good at! 

I've also really started to feel pressure to look or dress a certain way. I am starting to do more outfit posts but I feel I don't dress the way fashion bloggers should. I also don't feel like I have the right face for it. I also rarely wear make up and in a community where everyone is a little obsessed with make up and beauty I feel a little overwhelmed. I am still figuring out what make up looks good on me and still do really basic looks. I just feel too intimidated by all the beautiful bloggers around who are also awesome at enhancing their beauty with make up! I do want to get better at make up, but I don't want to start wearing it every day just to fit in with the bloggers. I used to be happy with my face, especially without make up. Now I'm starting to feel any photo of me is inadequate if I'm not wearing at least three eyeshadows, an eyeliner and a lipstick on my face. 

I worry it's these things holding me back. But if it is I'm not going to give into them, I'd rather stay true to myself. So I'm going to try releasing the pressure off myself and have more fun with blogging.

I (obviously) care what you guys think, but having you few lovely followers who always comment and chat and read my posts means so much to me and you guys are the ones who'll stay when I'm not following blogging trends, and you're the ones who I want to stay! Much love and hugs! xo


  1. I've started becoming more comfortable with not wearing makeup, so in normal day to day life I don't wear a lot, if any most of the time because I just cbb with it ahah! I wear makeup in my outfit posts because it's part of the style that I like and another way I want to express myself in the photos! If you don't wanna wear makeup or just do simple looks in your outfit photos then do it! No one is gonna hold it against you :)

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  2. Do what you want to. That's what you should do and what I've noticed a lot of blogging is going back to. There's a lot of honesty and back to basics going on at the moment so you staying true to yourself can only be a good thing! X
    Amy at www.Amynmore.blogspot.co.uk

  3. This is the first pressure post I've seen so it was something new for me to read on my bloglovin' feed.

    I totally get that whole pressure feeling in terms of posting often. I had a whole load of free time for the past month, meaning that I've been posting more than I used to. If you look in my blog archive, i have more posts in January and December than most months. This is something I also want to continue. I'm going to try and be super organised and schedule a lot of my posts when I am too busy to be around, probably mainly at the weekends. :) I think if you want to continue posting you should come up with some sort of routine, maybe like say you're going to post 3 times a week. Find time to prepare three posts a week and schedule them. I'm going to try and compose a lot of my stuff at the weekends, then schedule them during the week while I'm in college. Don't worry though, people do understand that you can't always have the time to be posting as regularly as you'd like to. Also I'd prefer to read a meaningful post from you rather than something rubbish you composed just to put something up. Quality over quantity!

    The whole appearance issues you have, I haven't exactly had. Blogging has certainly increased my interest in make up. But if I want to wear make up I will and if I don't, I don't. I have just developed this not giving a crap attitude in terms of what I wear. I have a nice outfit post on my blog today because I wanted to show off clothes I had bought. Today I am wearing tracksuit bottoms. In a way blogging is kind of a way of selling yourself and that's probably why a lot of them look gorgeous all the time. Believe me that isn't the case!

    I think all you should do is remain true to yourself and post about what intrigues you the most.

    Sorry that this comment got long. I just kind of wanted to reassure you.



  4. I can relate with you about not feeling my makeup and style fit in with being a blogger! While I love dressing up and playing with makeup, on a day to day basis I rarely wear more than the basics and dress pretty casually! I think as long as you be yourself you will have your place in the blogging world :)
    Molly xo

  5. I wish I wore more day to day but it either gets in my eyes or it just looks awful haha, I'm like a child trying to put on mummy's make up :'D I hopefully will play around with it more this year, but not like I show my face much in photos here anyway haha! xo

  6. That sounds good! Sometimes I feel like I'm the only blogger who doesn't wear make up which can be a bit alienating but I guess it's something different and I won't force myself to like something because everyone else does :) xo

  7. First of all, thanks for your awesome comment! :)

    I try and have what posts I'm gonna do planned out a month in advance, but can still be flexible with it. I guess I'd just like more time to put loads of effort in and make it perfect, but I guess that is something that keeps coming gradually :) perfect is so overrated anyway haha!

    That's good that you don't feel any pressure from it. I think it's just 'cos I don't have much interest in make up so never have anything to say about products on my face or whatever. I will carry on being true to myself, and maybe post more about my leggings 'cos they're what I wear every day but I don't seem to post them much wah aha.

    Don't worry about it being a long comment, I love long comments! And you did reassure me, it's so good to have really supportive friends in the blogging community, thank you :) xo

  8. Awwwh I am glad this comment helped you in some way!
    But honestly like people aren't as perfect as they seem always. In college, I wanted to dress nicely everyday in first year, but that got old quickly. Soon enough I pretty much wore a tracksuit and no makeup!

    There's no point forcing something that doesn't interest you. Some people are so interested in make up, to the point they plan looks with it etc. But then others wear it to look nice to an event or something, or just school.

  9. There are hundreds of types of bloggers, beauty bloggers are just one of them, though admittedly there are a lot of them! Anyway the beauty bloggers don't wear make-up all the time. What you see on their blogs isn't always real-life. :)

    Amy at Amy & More

  10. Complete feel you with the makeup. I rarely wear it, but I'm really interested in cruelty free cosmetics. I mainly just use everyday things like shampoos and toothpastes, so i'm no way near being a 'beauty blogger', but that community has lots of people that care about those things too, just with lots of extra focus on makeup. I agree that staying true to yourself is definitely the right way to go though. :)

  11. I started my blog on the 1st, and I already feel a little pressure to look certain ways and post more! I'm almost at 100 followers, and It's left me pretty gobsmacked but also more aware of how I look, main thing for me right now is maintaining my health and loosing extra weight I don't need :)

    Nevertheless I love your blog, and I don't feel you should be pressured into posting or appearing in ways you feel uncomfortable! you definitely have a group of people behind you :) xx


  12. There are a lot of beauty bloggers! I feel it can be hard to step outside that as it seems pretty central to the blogging community. Yeh I guess I didn't mean those who wear make up, but those who blog about it and are good at it haha, I'm terrible at make up! xo

  13. Blogging and social media really emphasise the good parts of peoples lives, which is how it's meant to be. But I guess what's wrong with posting photos of what we actually look like during down time too? Maybe I'll do another blog post haha..

    Deffo not, I'm just going to keep writing about what interests me cos it'd come across as false if I try to hard at beauty. xo

  14. I like cruelty free blogs! I don't write about it much but I use cruelty free products and a always trying to find new brands I don't know about :) I think it's cos I don't have a proper 'niche' I don't properly fall into a blogging category but I guess that's OK, it's just a hobby for me anyway :) thanks for your lovely comment! xo

  15. There are definite blogging 'trends' that go around but I try to only go for them if it's something I'm genuinely interested in. Wow well done! That's a fab achievement! :D

    Thank you so much sweet :) xo

  16. Duuuude there be nout wrong with that face of yours!!

    Personally I find fashion blogs (and sometimes the bloggers) to be incredibly boring. Also, I'm a firmly believe that every everyone has the right face! Plus, I prefer outfit posts from people with different styles too :) I'm no expert on outfit posts, and normally look like a noob, but I do them more for myself than anything.

    I like make up, but I'm not crazy for it. I couldn't blog about it, it's snore worthy! I'm going to attempt a review for my 'new blog type' goal but that's it! If you want to wear or don't want to wear make up, it's all up to you. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters, really! I don't just say that because that's what you should say.

    Say no to blogging pressure. Say no!

  17. Aw bless you! *blushes* :D

    That's what I prefer too, the "top" bloggers seem to have a very similar style but I actually personally rarely read those blogs, so I guess I should stick with posting things I'd like to read myself :)

    Thanks Kerri! :D