Friday, 16 January 2015

OOTD || leopard leggings & cropped jumper

Jumper - Topshop (very old) || white long sleeve tee - Fat Face (also old) || leggings - some weird shop in Southampton 

First of all sorry for the dusty mirror pics, but I left my camera at my parents house so I've been using my iphone! I decided instead of letting it hold me back I'd just try and come up with new ways of sharing my photos and try taking decent photos on my iphone. I'm liking it so far!

This is the kind of thing I'm wearing every day at the moment. It's too cold to leave the house so I've been lounging in comfy leggings and sweaters, and my creepers have not left my feet in the last week.

I clearly like leggings a lot. It might even be an addiction 'cos I've been buying them for years and have never got over this "phase". Much like the everything-I-wear-must-be-high-waisted phase my mam is still hoping I'll grow out of (sorry mam, don't see that happening for a while)! Two days ago a friend on my course said to me "do you actually own a pair of leggings that aren't loud and crazy?" which I do, I honestly do! I have one plain black pair. And a pair of black velvet ones which I consider tame but another friend told me they look like curtains. Not sure who even has velvet curtains but ok. I bought these leggings in the shopping centre in Southampton, I can't even remember the name of the shop but I'd know it and want to go back! Its kind of like Camden market crammed into one shop in the middle of Southampton ahah! I bought these and a pair of silver shiny leggings for about £7 each in a sale.

I am enjoying posting more outfit shots, I like my clothes! I don't like following trends so much but dressing up is one of my fave things. I want to post more of my leggings too, pretty sure I haven't shared many of all the ones I have on here, I have a lot of leggings haha. And while we're here, thanks to those of you who left lovely, supportive comments on my Pressure in Blogging post, you've reassured me :) xo


  1. I LOVE leggings, I've been wearing them at home a lot lately since I've been getting into yoga and they're perfect for lounging around in and doing a bit of yoga! I love this.

    Corinne x

  2. I have that jumper! Those leggings are actually awesome, I really need to get some more patterned ones, I just find them quite hard to style!

    Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. This really reminds me of the way I used to dress, loud leggings and jumpers. I don't wear them as much now really, only on days in really. :) I like those ones though.

    I now prefer just plain leggings or the "wet look" or "leather look" ones. They go with virtually anything. I also have a pair of velvet ones just so people know I alternate between leggings. I think the velvet ones are a little unique.

    Have fun dressing the way you want to. :)


  4. Haha "loud and crazy" people are funny... Usually I'm asked things like "don't you dye your hair normal colours" and "do you always have to wear something with animals on?!"

    I never really got into leggings, but I never say no to patterned tights :)

  5. well the leggings do look fab on you, i wish I wore more patterns and fun prints!!

  6. I just can't think of anything comfier! And yes, I have started yoga recently too and always have my leggings on :) xo

  7. It's so cosy! It just needs to be a littttle warmer so I can wear it more! They are quite, I went through a phase of not knowing what to do haha. I looked to my fifteen year old self for inspiration :P I just wear sweaters in cute colours and t shirts so boring haha xo

  8. I have always dressed like this haha, from when I was 14, guess I never grew out of it :P
    I used to have wet look ones! Must find another pair they are so cute! Also love velvet leggings, I have a pair and wear them lots :D xo

  9. Aahah :') why do people comment on what others wear so much!? I'm gonna start asking people why they dress like everyone else and why they DON'T wear awesome leggings and dye their hair unnatural colours... xo

  10. Aw thank you :D patterns are great and can be easier to find unique pieces at markets or independent shops than high st stores :) xo