Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Newness || Charity, Sales & Vintage

It's nearly the end of January and I picked up a few nice bits this month. I even bought a couple of things that weren't from a charity shop! Which I doubt will happen again seeing as I'm trying to save up for France. 

I'm loving sweaters at the moment, they don't irritate the eczema on my hands and wrists like woolly jumpers do, and they are usually baggier so look better with leggings! The pastel blue sweater was £2 from a charity shop. It's an old golf sweater haha but I think the pastel blue and pink is so sweet. The pink cat sweater is actually from romwe, I ordered it from their January sale. It was only £7 which is good for a new sweater, especially one as cute as this! However delivery was £5 taking the total up to £12 which is more than I'd like to have paid. It was worth it though 'cos it's super soft and cosy, and cute!

The purple top is a plain long sleeve top, 'cos you can never have too many basics, and it was 49p from a charity shop. Can't say no when it's that price really. The necklace on top of it is from the vintage fair that came to my uni. It was cheap for vintage I suppose, but not for someone used to shopping in charity shops. But I wanted to buy something from there, and I loved this little planet necklace! I'm super picky with jewellery but this is something I can see myself wearing a lot.

Finally I also bought a book even though I have so many to get through still! It was only 50p though and it's a book!! That's something that I'm allowed to spend money on, right?!

When I went home to visit my family my aunties also spoiled me with homemade cupcakes, these candles and a box of chocolates! I love having candles dotted around my room but don't really buy them unless they are mega cheap in a sale haha. It's nice to have some proper nice candles!

I hope you liked this post, who knew I had so much to say about buying things?! Who knows, maybe there will be more posts like this! Although, I kinda hope not 'cos that means I'm spending not saving which is BAD! If I do post another of these maybe remind me of this ;) xo


  1. Love everything here but the pink cat jumper is just the star of the show! <3

    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. That cat jumper is just too cute! Love it.

  3. It's so soft and squishy as well, deffo worth the £12 :)

  4. Before Christmas I suddenly decided I love sweaters again and needed to buy loads haha :/