Friday, 30 January 2015

Instamonth #January

green tea from Slovenia || Hogwarts ootd || went to the market
lip print skirt ootd || present from my housemate || cactus!
swans at swan park || fave || beautiful Portsmouth

I've been taking lots more outfit photos on instagram, and also on my phone and camera for blog posts. They're basically all mirror selfies which I'm sorry for but it's so hard to squeeze in taking awesome photos when both me and my photographer-buddy-housemate-person are so busy! Uni is hard but I don't mind the workload 'cos I love it so much. I'm just finding ways to blog around it!

I don't feel like I've done much this month even though it's been busy. It's kind of gone by in a blur, which January always does for me. It always feels like I need the whole month to find my feet again after the excitement of Christmas. But I have loads of awesome plans for February which I am hugely excited about yay!

If you like these photos follow me on amberlove146 on insta, if you don't then why are you here? Also I looove instagram so if there are any of you I'm not yet following let me know your username too so I can follow :) xo


  1. I totally don't mind the mirror selfies! I'm also busy. In in my last year of high school now, so hopefully next year I'll be going to uni. That is when I'll know what your kind of "busy" means. probably worse isn't it?

    Jade x

  2. Is that THE cactus?
    Here's to a great February for you!

  3. YES which I've since smashed the pot for and spilt soil everywhere twice.. thank you! To you too!

  4. Aw thank you! For me A-Levels were harder but it depends where you go :) it's good to be busy though and there is still plenty of time to chill, especially when you live with friends :)