Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Beauty review || Oilatum for dry skin and eczema

Wooo Oilatum! My mam bought me this last year when I ran out of the cream the Dr prescribed me for my eczema. I only developed eczema last Christmas after not having it since I was a child. Dunno why I have it now, but it's been spreading to more places and getting worse. Winter is an especially bad time for it, in fact the last few days prior to writing this have been horrendous because of it. I wanted to share a wee review on it because if you do have incurable dry skin, or eczema, or anything else, this is pretty helpful. 

First of all it is unfortunately not cruelty free. This bothers me and I am trying to find one that is cruelty free but it's not really a beauty product, though I know I've called it a beauty review, it's something I actually need. A lot of these creams have to be tested on animals by law, as with every single drug you can buy in the UK at this point in time. (I just wanted to mention that 'cos many people don't seem to realise that these medical products have to be tested on animals by law because there are not sufficient, safe alternatives - but that's a post for another day). 

It is moisturizing and helps calm my skin when it's itching. It's really helped the skin on my face stop flaking and stay smoother, which means I've actually worn make up once or twice so far this year! It has a pump top which makes it easy to get out of the bottle and reapply without getting greasy hands everywhere. If you don't have eczema or really dry skin I probably wouldn't recommend it seeing as it's not cruelty free, and it can be a pain to constantly wipe off your hands.

Thanks to my eczema getting worse I bought myself a different, even more moisturizing cream. The Oilatum just didn't seem to be doing as well anymore, probably because my eczema had got a lot worse. So it's good for small patches, and for when it's mild and not hugely painful. I know this isn't your average beauty review, and most of you will probably find this useless. But technically this is a lifestyle blog and unfortunately this is part of my lifestyle haha.

I think a couple of my readers said they also had eczema. How do you deal with wanting to wear make up when your skin is so dry and flaky? What creams do you use? Sorry if you didn't enjoy this post, new charity shop bits will be coming soon I'm sure you'll prefer that hehe ;) xo


  1. I've heard so much about Oilatum skincare. My skin has started to get drier and I really want some nice, basic skincare for face and eyes... will definitely check out Oilatuml :)


  2. My eczema came back this year after not having it since I was a kid too! Such a pain. Mine is mainly on my arms though which is good, I have just been slathering zerobase on but not sure it is doing much. Will try this next time! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  3. It's not something that I have experience with but it sounds like it's not too bad. You might just need something extra strength for when it flares up. The most I have to deal with is dry hands from wearing gloves at work.

    Hope it clears up soon!

  4. I suffer really bad with eczema and always have, ive tred almost everything and the only thing that works now is a strong steroid infused ointment. I hope you manage to get yours under control soon xx


  5. It is perfect for dry skin, good to get a good smooth base for make up to go on, I can't do my make up now without using a heavy moisturizer my skin is so dry :( xo

  6. So weird and annoying! Try diprobase too, I've upgraded to that now 'cos the patch on one of my wrists has got appalling :/ xo

  7. Lucky you! It's dealable but when it gets real bad it takes so long to heal :( I feel so bad complaining about it though 'cos my best friend has atopic eczema and THAT is just awful. Thanks, I hope so too! :( xo

  8. My best friend has always had it, he uses steroid creams. I keep trying to read up on it I don't understand why so little is known about it! My missionin life is to discover a cure hehe, maybe one day :P xo

  9. What I found effective for dry skin that's prone to eczema and also flakes... Vitamin d3 in doses of 10 000 IU per day. While I used it, I didn't even need moisturizers, and my skin was deeply prone to flakiness. Trouble is, the only brand that ever worked for me was Healthy Origins 10 000 IU vitamin D3, 360 capsules.
    That'd a problem because the softgels are gelatin based (of animal origin - there is a plant based gelatin from agar agar, but companies don't really use it in their formulations) and vitamin d3 is sourced from Lanolin as opposed to lichens.

    I'm vegan and need to find a similar vitamin d3 that's vegan and works. Problem is that seems how most powder based formulations experience degradation, so you end up with a low dose as opposed to a proper one.

    The RDA was miscalculated and needs to be closer to 10 000 IU of d3 per day according to peer review, and it's something I tested myself.