Saturday, 24 January 2015

Amber Love 2015 survey results!

Hey guuuyyyys. Sorry this wasn't posted sooner and the winner of the giveaway has been chosen so late into January (it can totally work as a February survival pack too though) it's been a busy but also not so busy and just blurry few weeks. I've been really ill for a couple of months but hopefully the Dr will fix me next week.

I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the results and chat about what you guys want and what I can actually manage to do to improve it. I want to use your inputs, but there are times I won't take advice as I wouldn't start posting about things I just don't care about, I think you guys know that though :)

Most of you follow on Bloglovin, and most of you comment occassionally. Someone said that the platform was difficult to comment with, I'm not sure what I can do with that 'cos I have found Disqus the easiest to use, but if there are any further suggestions to this please do let me know!

Your favourite posts are mostly lifestyle, which lots of you also want to see more of, but most of you would like to see more fashion/personal style posts. I have started doing more of these in the form of outfit posts. I have my camera back now so will be back on track! I hope you like them :)

Most of you said your favourite aspect of the blog was the writing which I'm pretty pleased with, I put a lot of effort into the writing, it's the part of blogging I love the most! The layout is the least fave aspect, fair enough, I think I'd be disappointed if ye all preferred the layout to the content haha! I did change the layout during the survey so I don't know what anyone thinks of the new layout? I know it's garish but I love glitter and pink and tacky things. So for now my blog is tacky, pink and glittery yay! I want it to represent me, and not look like just another fashion blog with the clean white background and black lines. Someone also suggested changing the background every few months. Now I'm sure lots of bloggers can manage this but I don't have the time or the skill to be changing it that often! My blog had looked the same for the majority of it's life and that's something I like. Most bloggers seem to love changing up their layout but to me I like it to be consistent. I think my layout will change properly once my blog gets to that "next level".

Someone suggested doing posts like "top 5 mascaras" or other such products. While this is a good suggestion and I know these are popular posts, I just won't be able to write them. I own one mascara and have bought the same one every time for the last five years. This isn't a beauty blog, if that is what you are looking for there are hundreds and hundreds of them out there for you :) I have one small, not anywhere near full basket of make up and that's all i'm interested in haha. I share beauty reviews of products that have annoyed me or that I really really love.

More pictures was another suggestion which I am already trying to work on. I live in a rather unphotogenic house but I would love to share more photos with you! It's just having the guts to whip my camera out everywhere. You also gave me lovely comments about finding my voice this year which I really appreciate!

The winner has been chosen and emailed yay! Huge thank you to everyone who took the survey, it is such a great help for me to figure out what to focus my attention on. It also brings my attention to the things that I just won't change, it's good for me to take on board some suggestions, but only if they work for me. Thank you all so much again, big love and hugs! xo


  1. I totally forgot about this survey but I remember doing it haha! :)
    I think Disqus is a great comment operation system, I was considering getting it myself.
    I really admire that you have stayed true to yourself with this blog. I personally don't like tacky things but you do and it's apart of you. I really advise you to keep being you with this blog. :)


  2. Oh please tell me your top 5 mascaras! I MUST KNOW!!! TELL ME KNOW!! (actually, please don't)

    Oh, I didn't win. Huge disappointment...

    I think garish suits you :)

  3. Hahaha :'D your comments make me laugh so much. I didn't know owning more than one mascara was a thing before I discovered beauty bloggers. I know, major let down there, crappy randomizer. Thank you! I am 100% sure being garish is a good thing.

  4. First time I've done one and it's been really helpful, do it! I actually enjoy filling in surveys so please do ;) I resisted disqus for so long but can't imagine how I coped without it! xo

  5. Thank you for doing it, it's so helpful for me :) and thank you for your lovely comment! It means so much to me that I have such supportive readers here :D xo

  6. Ah this is so interesting. I should do a survey for my blog too. I love using disqus, much easier than other platforms I think!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog