Thursday, 29 January 2015

2015 films bucket list!

I decided with my housemate to write a bucket list of films to watch in 2015. We keep saying "oh we must watch that" and then never getting around to it. So I'm keeping note of all the films we want to watch and thought I'd share them with you guys, see if you have seen any of these, and if you have let me know if they are worth watching!

Blue Ruin
Dear White People
Force Majeure
A girl walks home alone at night
The Guest
Love is Strange
The One I Love
Only Lovers Left Alive
We are the best!
What If
Spiderman 2
Guardians of the Galaxy
Back to the Future
Planet of the Apes (all the originals seeing as I now have the box set haha)
Jurassic World

"In fairy tales, love inspires you to be noble and courageous, but in real life, love is just an all-purpose excuse for selfish behavior"

So I have already watched the film What If so crossed it out but it was on the list. So glad I finally got around to watching this, it's such a beautiful film. Yes it's a little cheesy, but it's done so well that it comes across far more realistic than the majority of other rom-coms. It doesn't try to make it's characters cool or sexy or alluring, they are just natural people. Nothing over done which I love. It's very real and tender and about friendship as well as love. It's kinda like real life but they have interesting names and cool jobs.

I've also seen Guardians of the Galaxy which I watched over the weekend with my housemates and some friends. Oh wow. I'm pretty sure everyone has already seen it except me, if you haven't WATCH IT! It's awesome. And the soundtrack is also awesome.

I have actually forgotten what many of these are even about but I can't wait to watch them all! Let me know which ones you've seen and whether I should deffo watch them. I have more to add too and I'm sure I'll add more as time goes on!


  1. I loved Guardians of the Galaxy. I was convinced that I wouldn't like it just because it seemed action packed but it was funny and just great over all.

    By spiderman 2, I pressume you mean "The Amazing Spiderman 2" with Andrew Garfield. It's a mediocre movie but I guess you have to watch it to continue with the whole story.

    Pretty good list over all :)


  2. Oh! you definitely have to see Jurassic Park! I just love it so much, it makes you be at the edge of your sit the whole time! And Back to the Future is a great one too! With love,

  3. I should make a list like this. We have so many films that we want to see and then each time we sit down to watch one we can never remember any!

  4. Oh I meant the new one coming out this year in May! I've seen all the others and looove them so I am hugely excited for the new Jurassic World! Need to watch Back to the Future, seems I am the only person who hasn't seen it!

  5. IT's so good! Yes I do mean that one, yeh I've heard it's not great :( but I loved the first one and I love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone so I think I'll still love it :)

  6. Deffo do it, that's why I made this cos there were too many to remember!