Thursday, 8 January 2015

10 ways to fight the January blues

Making the most of cosy nights in watching my fave Luther again!

1. Just accept it. After December comes January and there's actually nothing we can do to change that, so we might as well at least try to embrace it, if not, just accept that it's a thing we have to get through every year.

2. Keep up with any exercise and healthy eating you usually do. Deffo don't force yourself into a harsh regime, I'd say ease into it gently with maybe some yoga videos on youtube (that's what I'm trying!) or some easy runs. Whatever is your thing, get back into it!

3. Keep enjoying all the things you love about winter. You know the things you loved before Christmas? Like getting bundled up in lots of layers of jumpers, glitter and sparkle and yummy hot drinks! I am going to be increasing how much glitter I use in every day life 'cos I think January should be a glitter month. Yeh, let's do that.

4. If you can afford to, start saving a little bit of money each month. I know not everyone can afford to put any money aside but even if it's sporadically and only a little bit. You never know when a spare fiver might come in handy! And December was an expensive month!

5. Get stuck into some good books. I have such a long list of books and because it's still freezing outside I can just curl up under a blanket and get reading! If you're feeling low being transported to another world through reading can be such a help (I really recommend the Harry Potter books if you're reading for escape purposes).

6. Take note of the little enjoyable things. As a whole, January can be a drag, but continue to focus on the little bits of every day that bring a smile to your face. Like cups of tea, if that's your thing, or your favourite perfume. I write weekly happy lists, which you'll know if you're a regular here! And it's a great way of reminding myself that no matter how bad things are, there is always something to smile about.

7. Be present. Kind of the same thing as above I guess but more about focusing on being in the moment. No matter what you're doing, whether it's just making that cup of tea just focus on making the best damn cup of tea you've ever made!! Put down the smart phone and the social media while you're in these 'waiting' situations and take time to just be. Set aside time for the social media, then you can really focus on that too!

8. Enjoy presents! This is if you celebrate Christmas so apologies to anyone reading who doesn't, but hopefully the nine other tips will be enough hehe! Sometimes after all the overwhelming excitement of Christmas we just move on so quickly. Take the time in January to remember that these were gifts from people who care about you, appreciate the thought and enjoy using them throughout the month! I can't wait to read the books I got!

9. Make something. Throw yourself into whatever project you've got going, whether that's blogging, painting, knitting, crocheting, baking... the list is endless! I am going to be getting back to making soup every day (here's a thought, can I insert soup into every single post for the rest of 2015? Probably) which if you fancy a try I made the simplest recipe for onion soup ever. Honestly it's the most simple recipe you will ever read, try it here.

10. Have a clear out. I'm pretty sure everyone gives this advice (actually, everyone probably gives all ten of these tips but whatever) and I know lots of people have already done this, but if you haven't, go for it! Be totally ruthless!

I hope you don't all have terrible January blues, I tend to be OK with January, it flies by as I end up being so busy! But I am going to try to make the most of it, I want time to slow down right now i feel like everything is just flashing right by me. If you have any tips on surviving January add them in the comments :) and if you haven't already, you have the chance to win a January survival pack by taking a little survey for my blog, just so I can see what you guys want from here! Click here to check it out! xo


  1. I have never really suffered from January blues. I think I have taken on your tip of acceptance then! But I am sure you have given some excellent tips. In my opinion, the best way to think of it is not to see January as January. See it as December and enjoy the things you did during the Christmas season. :) Christmas goes extremely quickly and is forgotten about so quickly so it is't a bad idea to try and remember it either. :)

    From Ellen in Ireland

  2. such a great post, I definitely have the january blues this year

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  3. I definitely always get the January blues but it usually passes pretty quickly! I am trying to stay in a routine and just appreciate the little things in life a bit more :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. January can be SO grim because it's just so dull and dreary and I'm always skint haha but I love these tips! Especially the crafting and reading ones x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. That's good to hear! Yes, I like to continue treating myself to hot chocolates and try to enjoy winter fashion before spring rolls round! xo

  6. Thank you :) aw no :( I hope maybe one of these tips will help you! Treat yo' self! xo

  7. It does! We're already 11 days in! It usually is the little things we come back to to cheer us up, like a good book or cup of tea, or fave tv programme :) xo

  8. God yes, waiting for loan was horrific! No I'm trying to be so careful with spending! Thank you :D xo

  9. Aw no that sucks, I'm hardly sleeping at the mo which makes uni so much harder wah! I did mine before Christmas too, so glad i did. So good to get out the house for while it's so dull and wintery to get some fresh air. A trip down to the beach always leaves me feeling refreshed :) xo

  10. I really hate that huge come down after the excitement of Christmas where you suddenly have to revert back to the normality of life, so this post is super helpful! It can be so tempting to hide away from the miserable winter weather at home with a warm mug of coffee and binge watching Netflix, but like you I feel life is flying by far too fast and just try to keep reminding myself to see the positive side of things and live for the moment to make the most of every day :)

  11. It's too easy to do that! I despise the cold and it gets me so grumpy haha I have to try and breaaaathe and calm myself :P I'm making the most of being indoors by being productive haha! xo

  12. I have the going-back-to-work blues, which pretty much mean my insomnia goes crazy and I just don't sleep the few days before going back... At least I can half sleep through my first day back.

    I had a clear out just before Christmas so that option is out. For me, I like to plan some outdoor activities, go visit some places and just take some time to go for a walk.

    Hopefully you January want be too busy and you can still enjoy it!