Sunday, 7 December 2014

This week happiness is... #22

Getting organised and cracking on with work. I think I found a revision technique that works for me! 

The soft winter morning light. No I am not going soft, it's so calm and white and cool. The light matches my fairy lights and it makes my room dreamy to wake up in.

Drinking even more cups of tea than usual. I'm mega ill, and I've been revising for an exam that was meant to be on Friday but it got re-scheduled, as I mentioned yesterday. I'd busted my ass working for it so kinda annoyed it's still hanging over my head. But now it's not for at least another four weeks!

Fast food. Thank stars for fast food! I'm usually pretty good with eating healthy and cheaply but because of revising and having so so much to do the past week, I treated myself to a maccy ds and pizza (not dominos, pizza-gogo is the new fave) and have had lots of cheese on toast...

Vitamin water. Ya know the ones I mean? So I don't know if they're actually as awesome as they say they are but they taste amazzeeeing and are so refreshing!

Etsy. I've been doing most of my Christmas shopping on Etsy as I try to support independent brands this Christmas and Etsy is bringing out all the good stuff!

Writing soooo many blog posts. I've been so crazy busy with work but I've been fitting in so many more posts than I thought I could so I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping on top of it.

Going out for Sunday lunch at Toby Carvery with some coursemates. I love going out places to eat, it gives a chance to properly catch up with everyone!

How has your week been? Better than mine I hope! xo


  1. Thanks gal! Haha I should have mentioned it really, it's pretty simple - mindmaps! I can't believe I never tried them before but it's such a good way to get the information in order so it makes sense! :) xo

  2. I think every year I changed my revision technique! I never had to revise before I went to uni haha.
    In the end, just reading works for me in the end. I spent the year adding notes and extra information to my printouts of the lectures and then just read to get it all together in my head. I suck at memory so I always go for understanding :)

  3. I work in a similar way to that, understanding is deffo better than memory! If it's just remembering it goes out of your head straight after :/ I find mind maps help me get it in order, the power points that some of my lecturers make are in such awful orders they don't make any sense! xo