Thursday, 25 December 2014

Sale picks || ROMWE

Romwe sale
Cat print pink sweat - £7.30 || Lion King sweat - £11.61 || Watermelon stripe crop top - £7.26
Unicorn print skirt - £5.96 || Dinosaur print sweat - £15.41 || Red velvet leggings - £6.63
Black pinafore - £13.18 || Black across body bag - £14.07

I wasn't planning to post today but the romwe sale is only on until tomorrow and it's so cheap! Go go go! Looking at my top picks I can see they are all a bit... bright? Strange? The sweaters and leggings from romwe are always my favourite! I have a unicorn sweater (also in the sale now!) and black velvet leggings. These red ones are the same, except red, so trust me when I say they are super comfy, and very warm! I love all the weird stuff romwe does, so many unique pieces at affordable prices, I will deffo be choosing one of these sweaters for myself!

Have you done any sale shopping yet? Let me know what your top picks in the sale are, I'll go have a peek! xo


  1. Happy Christmas. :D I hope you had a good one. :) I love the velvet leggings. I may be a bit tempted to get those velvet leggings. So cheap and nice.

  2. nice picks, merry christmas!

    xx danielle //

  3. Haven't done any sale shopping yet but I am in need of some new ankle boots so need to start looking out for that!

    I love the Lion King sweater :).


  4. I ♥ Romwe - it's the best place for unique, one-of-a-kind picks, as your post demonstrates! I love that they have free delivery too!

    fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  5. Thank you, I hope you did too! They are so so warm and comfy too, had my black ones for a couple of years and still perfect, go for it! xo

  6. Thank you, merry Christmas to you too! xo

  7. I saved a couple of ankle boots in the ASOS sale, they have good ones but not sure how cheap they are :/ xo

  8. It really is! I always forget about it for some reason, but still always come back to it! I've ordered the pink cat jumper now hehe :'D xo