Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Dear Santa...

My wonderful mama has already sorted what I wanted most for Christmas - I asked my parents to donate money to Christmas at Crisis to reserve places for people who are homeless on Christmas day. They get more than dinner which I talked more about in this post. Mam texted me that she'd done it the other day and it's made me so so happy! I'll be thinking of those people on Christmas day.

Another thing I asked for was a check up at the dentist. Who knew you had to pay when you turned 18?! (That's right isn't it? I'm not being a muppet?). My teeth seem fine I would just like them checked and any advice I can get is good!

I've put socks on my list too. Anyone who knows me personally knows I really love socks. Novelty socks, frilly socks, sparkly socks, all the soooccckks! And I'm useless at laundry and keep losing socks so they're all odd.

And a super indestructible phone case. Since I got the iPhone 5c I've realised how hard it can be to find a case for it! More are springing up now but I haven't got around to getting one. Honestly, I'd love anything with a pug on it, but I'm so clumsy I need something super Amber-proof. So basically indestructible.

Being Mortal is a book I heard about because I read an interview with the author, Atul Gawande, in an old New Scientist magazine I had lying around. The interview was awesome and I want to read more of his thoughts.

Yes I did put stuffing on my wish list because stuffing is my favourite part of Christmas, and I don't have it at any other time of year so I'm just making sure it'll deffo be on my plate. Thanks Santa :')

Sorry if you were looking for a clothes and beauty filled wishlist! I have all the clothes and make up I need for now! In fact before Christmas I'll be going through my room at home and donating any clothes I don't wear enough to charity and throwing out anything else. I've been looking lots on Etsy as anything Harry Potter related is a dream for me, in fact the things I included on my stocking fillers guide are all very "amber" things! Another shop I'm loving at the moment is Cat Sabbath Jewellery, my sister might end up getting something from there, not if she reads this though!

Let me know what you want for Christmas, I'd love to know!


  1. Love the list! You wont be hard pressed to find cool Frozen stuff in shops these days! x

    Cream Tea And Rose Jam

  2. I'VE NEVER HAD STUFFING; I've always avoided it, I've never even tried it before, because as a child I thought, this is worrying btw, that stuffing was the inside of the Turkey D: My family corrected this misinterpretation last year though.

    Btw this type of Christmas List is absolutely the best TYPE.
    And how kind are you and your parents for donating to that Charity, it sounds like such a wonderful cause.
    Also, I can not verify this information myself, because I don't live near a Primark, but rumour has it they've got a crazy ass Harry Potter collection atm.

    Love you xoxo
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  3. I just found my suet in the cupboard the other day so I can make stuffing for Christmas dinner!

  4. I've already found a couple of bits - you can get frozen lip balm! xo

  5. Is it bad that I had to google what suet was?

  6. WHAT?! You crazy gal! Please try stuffing this year (onion and sage, none of this meat crap). I can't laugh at that though, I thought mince pies had mince meat in them not mince fruit so always declined them cos I'm a vegetarian...doh. There are a lot of people who are homeless in Portsmouth, especially near where I live and so i find myself thinking of that issue a lot.

    So mad that you commented that today!!! I went into Primark today and cheekily bought myself a Hogwarts sweater!! 0.o !!ahah xoxo