Monday, 29 December 2014

Blogging in 2014

Just a few of my favourite photos from the blog this year.

Statistically, my blog has improved loads in 2014, especially in the last few months. In October I got the most amount of page views in a month ever, and then I went onto smash that in November and again for December (and December isn't even over yet). I put so much more effort and thought into my posts this year - I blogged more passionately than ever and made schedules each month from about July onwards. Six posts from 2014 are now in my top ten viewed posts so I thought I'd share those posts here with you!

This is now the most viewed ever post on this lil blog here! I wrote it at the start of November after reading Louise's post about it, although she was praising it and saying it's great and body positive, she even wrote out the full lyrics which is how I picked out what's totally wrong about it. And it's something that I hadn't noticed any other blogger write about, despite the many posts on how much they hated it.

I haven't seen another post like this before, contact lenses aren't really something that comes up in conversation, at least not in interesting conversations! There are certain things though that can be frustrating for us lesser-sighted beings, what else can we do but laugh!

Rather unusual and stand out leggings from Black Milk. Leggings like this can be hard to style, now that it's winter I wear my leggings with lots of layers and huge huge baggy sweaters.

Blogging becomes cool
I noticed that people I knew, not through blogging, were all starting their own blogs. And while I am totally supportive of my friends having a go, I won't forget when blogging wasn't cool and how people made fun of that. In this post I just comment on how people seem to "forget" that they've made fun of certain hobbies when said hobby becomes a trend, this applies to everything out there really.

Art || developing style
I braved it and posted some more of my art from recently! Only little sketches and pen drawings. I've been trying out new things this year and figuring out what works for me, which I talk about in this post.

There are so many more posts I am proud of that I want to talk about but I don't want to overload this post! I really pushed myself the last few months, I figured things out. My photography has improved and so has my writing and I braved it and started writing about things I feel much more strongly about as well as happy things in life and clothes! I hope you enjoyed reading amber love in 2014, if you've been here all year or are new, I love you all, like I actually do I'm not even just saying that! I've had some great chats with you, got to know some of you really quite well! Now if I could just meet you all in person, we'll have some cuddles, some a lot of wine and chat even more! And if there's anything you'd like to see more of here please don't hesitate to let me know! Big love! xo


  1. I've loved reading your posts this year! Always really interesting and different to the usual stuff. Looking forward to more posts in 2015! x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. Congratulations on all of your success. I am only a recent follower of yours so I am excited to see what stuff you come up with in 2015. I can only hope my blog grows as big as yours this year. :)

  3. Ah thank you Josie :') that's so great to hear! :D :D xo

  4. Thank you very much lovely :D I really appreciate all your comments and support, I hope you like what comes in 2015! :D xo

  5. I just want to say, can I have a chip? Hehe.

    Well done on developing your blog this year and all the best for next year! Amy x

  6. It's ridiculous how more views and peoples comments boost your ability to write and passion for your blog! I'm sure you have lots more to give for 2015!!

  7. I think you've had a great year of blogging and I've really enjoyed hanging out here! Can't wait to read along way into 2015!

  8. Dying for some chips myself now haha!

    Thanks so much sweet :) xo

  9. It really does, it's great! :D thank you! xo

  10. Thanks Kerri :) it's you and the few others who comment and chat to me that keep me doing it so I hope you do stay for 2015 :P xo