Sunday, 30 November 2014

This week happiness is... #21

Waking up on Monday morning feeling ready and excited for the week! Monday is always a long day, I usually have at least four hours of biochemistry, maybe more, and then another three hours of French.

Having a tidy house. We've been managing to keep it pretty clean this year, which means I've been having fewer meltdowns! My bedroom is also spotless at the moment and I actually enjoy cooking thanks to a clean kitchen.

London again! This time to go see THE PRETTY RECKLESS! Oh my goossshh! I bought the ticket back in August and almost totally forgot about it! Getting the train was a 'mare, not a story for this post, but when I got there it was great!

Having the best sleep after the gig. I was so exhausted even though I slept on the two hour journey home too, I crashed and slept all through the night and felt so much better in the morning.

My best friend buying me a lollipop and a wispa and cheering me up on bad days, couldn't do without friends and wispa bars.

Starting my Christmas shopping! EEP! I love buying presents for people!!

Buying a new Lush facemask (I had to OK!!) and using it straight away. It's the first time I've had this one, cosmetic catastrophe I think, the one that's good for spots that I really need 'cos spots...

The last week has been a bit of a blur, not sure why haha. Tell me how your week was? What was the happiest part? xo


  1. They're amazing! Was my second time seeing them this year yay! :') xo

  2. Just the photo :D I lol'd.

    Gigs always knacker me out. We're off to see Taking Back Sunday and the Blitz Kids on Saturday :D :D

  3. Same! I was so dehydrated after I felt hungover even though I didn't drink a drop! AAhhh lucky you!! Have fun, and take pics ;) !! xo