Sunday, 23 November 2014

This week happiness is... #20

I love my cosy bed.

Writing happy list number 20 yay! I think somewhere along the way I missed one week, and a couple of times these posts appear on a Monday not Sunday but I'm managing to stick with this little series. It really helped me get back into the swing of blogging and I know I'll always have something to post each week!

Wearing my ridiculous Christmas jumper. It has rudolph smoking a pipe of snow with a big red pom pom nose and actual bells in his antlers. So I jingle whenever I move. My housemate came into my room just as I'd put it on, the look he gave me was priceless.

White hot chocolate to treat myself and cheer myself up after a hard morning, and buying another candle from wilkos as I already finished the one before! I bought the exact same one cos it smells so good!

Making onion soup for the first time ever and oh my stars it was amazing! I'm not even going to try to be modest here OK, I've always been told I'm a terrible cook, fair enough I was! But I make the best god damn homemade soup ever. Probably.

Cosy nights in bed watching Dexter with the fairy lights all on and candles going, and my soft red blanket keeps me extra snug.

First night out in London with my fave people. We went to fabric 'cos it was the birthdays of two of my friends this week, both of them turning 20 too so we wanted to make it a big one.

Ordering pizza and eating and napping and eating and napping and eating and napping...


  1. Having a recurrent series is a nice idea, although I do tend to skip the odd week of mine, just because. I've never tried onion soup, but I've been thinking of trying some soups this winter as they are great to take to work for lunch, might have to add this to the list if ideas.

    I haven't sat down to watch Dexter in ages. Kris is somewhat against recycling TV shows and we've already seen it twice! I think I'd like to watch it all again :)

  2. Onion soup is sooo good, so full of flavour! Great if you like quite salty tastes, and so easy to make :) it's good when you have onions that need using up.

    This is my first time watching it and I'm loving it so much!

  3. Ah thank you :') I used to think it'd be really scary and I'd hate it but most of it isn't that bad, the scary bits are when you think he's gonna get caught and it's just tense like "how can this possibly go right" haha xo