Sunday, 2 November 2014

This week happiness is... #17

*Apologies for the lack of image to draw reader in*

Having two full days off uni this week! I usually have a Tuesday off but I also had Friday off which meant three day weekend yay! Despite this I feel like I was even more busy this week spending time doing coursework and all the Halloween fun.

Endless Halloween planning. Every conversation went along the lines of "What are you doing for Halloween? Going to any house parties? What are you dressing up as?".

Buying £1 face paint. Which was appalling quality but it meant I could paint my housemates face for her costume!

Decorating the house for Halloween. I made spiders out of pipe cleaners and cut bat and pumpkin shapes out of coloured paper and stuck them up around the house.

Stocking up on Quorn food from ASDA, the closer supermarkets don't sell much variety but ASDA has loads.

Being super thankful for the lovely readers here whose comments make my day! Seriously, it's all that keeps me blogging sometimes, you are lovely people.

Ending a busy week and an even busier weekend sitting here on my laptop scrolling through articles on Hello Giggles (Zooey Deschanel's blog, go have a read and waste an hour or so) with a cooling face mask on. Not so good this week was my skin - it's so dry and spotty so I bought an exfoliater and dug out an old facemask. I might have to treat myself to a new Lush facemask this week 'cos they always seem to clear up my skin.

I feel like I am missing everyone! Fill me in and tell me what the best bits of your week were? :)


  1. I love Hello Giggles! Zooey is the best and I wish she would write more of the articles myself.

    Best part of my week was my days off work, haha.

    I'm cold will you make me sweet potato soup?

    Corinne x

  2. I know! I've spent ages trying to find her articles :( aww lucky!
    Yes of course, come over <3

  3. Sounds like a great halloween! I think the best part of week has been the food haha. Sweet potatoes, beef and butternut squash (not altogether though!)

  4. Swweeeet potatoes are everyones fave yayayay!