Thursday, 13 November 2014

Student Life || making friends

Picture of my knees 'cos how do you take a pic of making friends without looking like a creep?

A while ago I wrote a post about meeting people at uni, including how I met my best friends. Meeting people is a different thing to making friends and staying friends. Usually the people who are naturally 'right' for you will be naturally drawn to and somehow fit into each others lives. Don't worry about having tons and tons of friends, you don't have to make loads of friends in the first week, first month or even the first year. Most people know who their close friends are through second year of university, the year things start to get serious.

If you get along with the people you live with, it's very easy to stay good friends with them. If not, after first year you can choose to live with the people you made friends with during second year... but dynamics will probably change again. They have for me as one of my housemates last year moved out and another friend moved in. My closest friends on my course moved in together so I see them less. I say just go with it (good film by the way, Adam Sandler is cracking) and you'll find that the people you are meant to be friends with will stick with you. If you don't feel at ease around certain people, they're probably not worth being around.

I've met even more people on my course this year as I've had to work with other people and just branch out as friendships change and it's been good, I've met even more lovely people. Some people make really good friends with people they meet through societies. I am not one of those people. Maybe I didn't try hard enough but as a first year it can be hard trying to join in when they've all known each other for ages and as a fresher you have to endure a lot of taunting. Not really my thing. I've joined a smaller society this year and much prefer it, the people who do it are genuinely nice and I see this as a much better way of making friends.

It's pretty easy once you are friends with someone to stay friends with them at uni. You live on the same campus, or in the same city, usually your houses are within walking distance of each other, or you even live with them. Despite this I'd say it's still important to make an effort, otherwise you get stuck in a routine of only seeing your course mates at lectures and your society buddies at whatever it is you do instead of socializing and getting to know each other in more ways. Make the most of it, 'cos once you leave uni you'll all be scattered across the country/world again and it won't be so easy to find the time for everyone.

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