Monday, 24 November 2014

Quirky Christmas stocking fillers

Untitled #1

Natural soy wax alphabet candle - asos || pug wrapping tape - asos || Barry M nail polish - boots || pug beanie - asos
cat watch - charming charlie || velvet mood stone choker - topshop || batman phone case - hot topic || golden snitch bracelet - etsy || galaxy unicorn stud ear rings - etsy

I loooove Christmas and I loooove buying people presents but I hate not being able to spend more money on the people close to me. Recently for peoples birthdays I've been putting together boxes full of  smaller things, either following a theme or not so much. For my friends birthday this weekend, we got her baking stuff and a cake tin and put it all in a box. Not quite a hamper, but it's homemade and I'm doing my best to scrimp on the bits that don't matter as much. These little gifts are all cheap, but put them all together in a Christmas hamper and they make a great selection. You can choose any theme of things, a bunch of stuff select to that specific person. Instead of doing a box, do a large stocking! Or if you already do, these gifts make great stocking fillers.

This list is actually pretty specific to things I like, pugs, unicorns, Harry Potter, sparkle and magic, yay! If you know of anymore great independent shops, including ones on etsy, please let me know! I'm loving them for my Christmas shopping!


  1. This is a really nice idea for a gift. The watch is particularly cute!

  2. Snitch bracelet, cat watch and batman phone case please :D

    Corinne x

  3. I couldn't decide out of all the Harry Potter stuff on etsy! There's so much I want it allll :P xo

  4. I'm so excited to start properly putting them together! xo

  5. I love these ideas. Thanks so much. These may come in handy in the last minute panic.