Friday, 28 November 2014

OOTD || flower tights & Christmas jumper

christmas jumper - primark || running shorts - adidas || camo jacket - stolen from housemate/tesco
scarf - topshop || flower tights* - UK tights || creepers - underground

Yay first outfit post in months! Last one was way back in August. Hopefully now I will do more 'cos I've got my housemate to help me take photos. Unforch the weather hasn't been on our side, and it wasn't this day, it started pouring just as we got the camera out so excuse me looking like a drowned rat!

I was kindly sent a few pairs of tights by UK tights from their Pretty Polly section which I am mega happy about - I love tights. Like A LOT! Especially patterned tights, I have a ridiculous amount. I'm showing these off in a separate post to the other two 'cos they are more glitzy... these I just used to make a normal outfit with normal black tights a bit more interesting. The tights are also quite thick so are warmer than most, and because they are good quality they don't ladder like most of my tights would. Being a student I wouldn't normally pay almost £10 for one pair of tights but if they are going to last much much longer than the cheap ones I usually buy, I can see why they'd be a better choice.

I was going for a comfy cosy Christmas look, hence the floppy shorts and cosy jumper! My Christmas jumper has been worn so much recently, it has Rudolph on it, smoking a pipe of snow, with a pom pom nose, and actual bells in his antlers, so my housemates can hear me dashing about the house!

Excuse my weird face again, I can't be serious in front of the camera, especially 'cos it was raining! You should see the other photos hah! What do you think of these cute tights? And crazy Christmas jumpers?! xo


  1. Hi Amber!
    Those tights look wonderful with a casual outfit! Another blogger featured them last week with a retro inspired look. When you live in the UK there's no such a thing of having too much pairs of tights and socks. Same as shoes... There's never enough!
    Thanks for getting time to write the post and all the best with your last assignments! Xmas is just round the corner! Cheers XX

  2. Hey :)
    What a cute outfit. I absolutely love the tights. The floral print adds another element to the outfit. Also yay for Christmas jumpers. Would really appreciate it if you had a look at my blog.

  3. Ahh thanks! I love tights and socks so much, these ones will be getting worn a lot! xo

  4. Thanks Ellen :) I will have a peek when I have time to sit and properly read it, thank you :) xo

  5. Tights are the best, especially patterned ones. I've actually been looking for somewhere to buy them online, I might pop over to this website and take a look.

    Being awkward is the best :) and you make me want to wear my creepers but I hate wearing them in the wet haha

  6. I'm always looking out for more, although I wouldn't usually pay this much for tights 'cos I'm poor haha but if I had money to spare these are totally worth it!

    I always wear mine when it's wet, my other fave shoes have holes in them now wah :(