Monday, 10 November 2014

This week happiness is... #18

Cheap, cheap Christmas candles! Who needs yankee?! That one is from Wilkinson's and cost me £1.75! Deffo going back to get another...

Seeing that October had the most views ever on this little blog here, and I hit 40,000 views overall. Maybe a small achievement but every month I want my view count to be higher than the last and it's slowly getting there. Although October will be a hard month to beat, so I can see it going down again for Novemeber...

Getting French coursework done and out of the way, and once I understood the macromolecules coursework I could get through that too.

Having lazy, cosy mornings to give myself time to relax before starting work each day. And also lazy, cozy evenings in bed with netflix. I only just watched The 4400 but I got my housemate into it so just finished the whole four series again.

New windows in my bedroom. Our landlord had a new front door put in and new windows for my bedroom. Before they were super old and thin, and opened like slats (really weird) and now they are brand new, doubled glazed and open like normal windows. They open wide enough for me to climb out and sit on the bit of roof underneath.

Long catch ups with a friend who I hadn't really seen since coming back to uni, but that never matters when you're close to someone, you can just pick up where you left off. And a few hours at his house helped me forget all the bad stuff from the week.

Despite it being a truly awful week, it showed me who the people I can really really count on are. And I appreciate those people more than anything. This week also showed me I am a pretty strong person when I have to be, and that I can believe in myself and believe that I am a good person.

How was your week then? Cheer me up with some anecdotes! xo

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