Sunday, 5 October 2014

This week happiness is... #13

Sneak peek of what's in tomorrow's post ;)

Playing excessive amounts of wrestle jump. If you wanna waste a lot of time playing a pointless but addictive two player game, play this one.

My lovely housemates looking after me while I've been ill. I came home from town and one of them made me soup and toast and brought it up to my bed and just made me feel better :) 

Getting some good news and maybe having a plan for something awesome in the future! I'm not saying anymore until it's definite.

Honey and soy sauce with noodles. I just googled 'simple sauces to make with soy sauce' and one came up saying one table spoon of honey and three of soy sauce. Oh wow, I never knew this was a thing!

Charity shop buys! I always spot something special and it's always amazes me these things are just hanging there. I'm gonna post what I've found and maybe start it as a monthly thing, what do you think?

Binge watching skins. I'm always binge watching something aren't I? I'm a student, it's what we do. I've never seen skins before anyway and everyone else has so I have to watch it really!

Pizza take away. And McDonald's. Basically all the unhealthy food ever.

What about you? What was good about your week? :)


  1. Binge watching is the best. I always like saving series I love up so I can watch them all in one go!

    Corinne x

  2. Hope your feeling better soon - my week was basically made up of baking lots of pies and eating too much yesterday!

  3. honey and soy sauce?? I should definitely try that!!!
    I had a busy week, Studied allot, but I went to a weekend house with my classmates at the end of the week, from Friday to Monday, I had so much fun! It was a good week ending after all that studying I did!

  4. We made chicken wings the other day that was a honey and soy sauce recipe, oh my it was awesome!

  5. Deffo try honey and soy sauce - it's amazing!
    Ahh that's great that you had a super weekend! :D x

  6. I can't believe I've only just discovered that it's a thing! I've been obsessed though - too many noodles...