Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Student Life || A Study of the Student Species

At uni, you come across so many different types of people, and some totally stereotypical 'species' of a student. Banana Moon is asking bloggers which stereotype they fit best into out of procrastinator, geek, teacher's pet, hipster, student activist, perfectionist, party animal and the non-student student in the chance to win a tablet and t-shirt from Banana Moon.

To be completely honest I think every student has a little bit of every one of these in their personality, I do. I procrastinate like every other student (I am procrastinating right now, I should be reading research papers and doing French work) but I wouldn't say I am the worst at procrastinating. The description of geek says 'square glasses and comic related images on their t-shirts'... I wear square glasses (I need them to see btw if one more person asks if they are fake I'm going to destroy every pair of fake glasses on the planet) right now I'm also wearing a huge Wolverine t-shirt... I wouldn't say I have been a party animal of late but it's all three of my housemates birthdays in the next two months and we have some great plans!

It's true, you do meet people who fit into all these stereotypes and having friends who are all totally different is so great! But I think everyone has a little bit of "the lazy procrastinator" in them ;)

This is open to all bloggers, for more info go to the Banana Moon blog!

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  1. I loved this! Because I procrastinate all the time :)

    I'm having a give away where you can win two EOS lip balms on my blog. Feel free to check it out and enter :)

  2. Thank you :) haha i know, everyone does ;) xo

  3. I agree! and once I again.. I love your 'student life' series!