Thursday, 9 October 2014

Student Life || Meeting People & Making Friends

For most freshers week is already over and the real work has started. Unless you're a first-year, that doesn't start until a week before exams (I kid, work hard guys...). So you've probably already met a bunch of nice people, or maybe not so nice people? I know a few poor unfortunate souls who didn't get on with anyone in their halls!

In the first year you kinda go around trying to talk to loads of people, well I didn't really but I hear that's what you're supposed to do. You meet people in your halls, and maybe you are lucky and become BFF with them. Or in a house, like me, with only three others you've never met before and you could be very lucky, like me, and they actually do become your BFF.

Getting to know people on your course is easy, you see them every day! And once you know a few people, they can introduce you to more, you can introduce different friends, and soon you have a nice lil network of peeps you can call friends. I started out with only a few friends on my course but met a couple of the guys I'm close with now at a Halloween party. My housemates and I thought it'd be a cracking idea to make Nicholas Cage masks and all go as Nick Cage to the Halloween party. Cheapest, easiest Halloween costume ever. I made friends with a guy by army crawling down the road with him towards the beach, trying not to spill a mug of vodka. Falling in the sea and walking home dripping wet also made a great impression. Being a fool is apparently a good way to make other foolish friends so you end up with friends just as weird as you! Unless you're not actually a fool and a weirdo, then this doesn't work and I suggest you go somewhere else for advice 'cos I can't help you.

There is a point to me telling ya'll this I promise. It's basically to say, you never know who will be your new BFF or where you'll meet someone. You don't have to be prepared for it 'cos it'll just happen naturally. Two of my closest friends I don't remember meeting them or starting to get to know them, they were just suddenly always there! You'll meet people everywhere, and if you don't feel like you fit in then you probably don't so don't even bother making an effort for those peeps.

That was a seriously long and wordy post, very much about myself and a lot of nostalgia for last year. Tell me how you met your besties at uni? 


  1. I ended up becoming best friends with someone in my freshers flat we were really close - always go out together, go to gigs, chat every night. Then she got a boyfriend and yeah, drifted away. To be honest, i'm a lot more in touch with people from my MA than my BA. Perhaps because there was only eight of us on my course so you were all thrown together and we all got along. We still chat on social media, whereas friends from my first degree, we all drifted away pretty much. But yeah, it's fun how you meet people, university is a great time for socialising.

  2. I know that feeling, happens too many times :/ I try and still be there for them and cling on but sometimes there's nothing to be done really. I worry about drifting away from my friends and wonder who will be the ones to stick around. xo

  3. I like how you write these Student Life posts. do more please. I enjoy reading your stories and how you went through it all. It's really preparing myself mentally. I think you should also make a post about making friends. You sound like someone I can relate to in some way :)

  4. Aw thank you! I love writing them - it's so nostalgic! I have plenty more lined up so will be carrying on with them :D your comment is so lovely, it means a lot :) xo