Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Student Life || Halloween

Halloween is a pretty big deal at uni, basically just 'cos it's another excuse to dress up and go on a big night out. And the house parties. It can also be expensive but I honestly think it's ridiculous buying a whole new costume when you can pretty much make one from things you'll have lying around and maybe just spending a couple of quid on some makeup or fake blood. I am going to recycle last years costume 'cos we went out thinking we could get in, but didn't have wristbands and were too late to buy (this was my fault for not doing my work on time and having to quickly do it while sitting in my costume). So we didn't really get to utilise last years costumes.

Learning from my mistakes, this year I will be making sure any work is done on time, getting tickets for an event, or knowing I have a party to go to, leaving the house on time and having my costume prepared! Last year we ended up sitting in a friend's kitchen drinking tea at 1am in our costumes. Not this year! If I need multiple costumes, I have a plain black mask that I can use for a number of things and then just use clothes and makeup I already have to sort it.

I'm planning to decorate our house this week, obviously without spending money. I have a stack of coloured paper in my room, of course, which I'll use to cut out different shapes like pumpkins and spiders and stick them to the windows. I'm also going to have a go at making bunting, like when you make the paper dolls in a row that hold hands? Yeh, that but with pumpkins. Plastic spider decorations I am not a fan of and am not allowing in the house. Last year my housemates tied one to a bit of string and Blu-tacked it to my bedroom ceiling. They really didn't realise how terrified I am of spiders.... it wasn't funny at the time but they were probably more freaked out by my reaction than I was by the spider! OK, that's a lie but you get what I mean...

What are your plans for Halloween this year?


  1. Oh no, that sucks about last year!

    Halloween at university was always the best. We went out every year and also to the uni night club on a Friday. Best time of my life.

    Corinne x

  2. Who are the masks of? Hope you have a better time this year!

    href="">Amy & More

  3. It wasn't so bad, we had a laugh as always! :P x

  4. Aahahaaa it's Nicholas Cage!! Thank youuu :)

  5. Love it! Hope you have a great night out!

  6. Have fun Amber! Some people buy new costumes every year.. but like you said.. it's pretty easy to make your own! I've actually never been to a Halloween party before..

  7. Thank you! I haven't been to many, my university puts on a big night out on the strip of clubs in the city so there is at least that to always go to :P xo