Friday, 31 October 2014

Instamonth #October

Charity shop buys || night out selfie || borrowed a friend's favourite book
pardy with my boys || Halloween themed JAWS gig in Gosport! || homemade sweet potato soup
making homemade sweet potato soup || silver nails || pink donut

October hasn't really calmed down since September, I guess I'm getting more settled but the three bits of coursework due in for next week are a weight I can't wait to get rid of. Despite all that it's been a cracking month! I've had some good nights out, stand out one being seeing Jaws (the band not the film - I have to clarify 'cos everyone I told about it asked why I was going to watch Jaws in Gosport, why didn't I just watch it on my laptop). It was at a lil local pub, and Halloween themed. Some people had wicked costumes on, we weren't really prepared so we had my one black mask which we took turns to wear.

I'm starting to get my act together food wise and I think I'm noticing a real difference in my mood, which is probably a mixture of counselling and a better lifestyle in general. We love sweet potatoes in this house and I have been making sweet potato soup nearly every day. And I'm awesome at it. Also, pink donut. 


  1. Oh donuts.. yum! Nice pictures Amber, I love the black and white one, you're pretty!

  2. Gorgeous photos! That doughnut looks looovely!

  3. The pink donut looks sooo good! :))


  4. It's good to get your eating habits together, I know when mine go downhill then I start to feel like shite. I'm glad the counselling is helping!

    Sweet potatoes are amazing! Also butternut squash tastes similar so maybe you'd like that :)

  5. Thanks Kerri :)

    Yeh I heard that, think I will try it xo