Friday, 24 October 2014

Art || developing style

I'm not posting these 'cos I'm gonna be like "ooohh come compliment my art please" and "oooh I suck at art" *cough* fishing *cough*. Yeh I'm not gonna do that 'cos art is art and I think it's about enjoying it rather than how good someone is at it, you just have to find a style that suits you. I love drawing because it's peaceful and gives me something I have to focus on. And the end result feels like such an achievement. I got back into drawing only last year and started doing silly sketches with pencils, like those pug birds above. Don't even ask, I don't know where the idea for pug birds came from haha.

I always drew animals because I know I'm terrible at drawing people, especially people's faces. I can't get expressions at all. So I figured if I wanted to draw people I'd have to come up with another way of doing it. And my lovely mama also bought me art pens. And I remembered how much I love drawing in pen!

There is no way I'd be able to get the face shape or any shading right! So doing a silhouette type drawing like this actually works for me! I also realised that if I do want to do shading, I can use a fine pen to make tiny dots. Such a classic GCSE "technique" to be using but it works for me!

Totally unfinished haha. I always get bored of the same drawing so my sketchbook is full of unfinished everythings.

I haven't much time at the moment to do any drawing, or much else. But once I've settled into a routine with the amount of work I have I'll be getting back to quick pen sketches. And I have watercolours now yay!

This post is basically 'cos lots of people like art, but not everyone has the time to spend ages working on amazing pieces. It's kind of a back seat hobby. But there are ways to still produce things you like, just by playing around and finding what you are able to draw, and finding different styles to draw the things you can't draw.


  1. Love the Pug birds! XD would love to see more of your art! :) x

  2. I've always sucked at art, but sometimes it's quite relaxing to doodle, especially when I'm stuck in a boring talk, like I have been for the last three days!

    Tbh, I never understood how people make simple pen drawings look so great!

  3. Thank you :) I'll post more at some point, hopefully when I have time to sit down and do some more! xo

  4. Even just doodling patterns and shapes you can end up making a whole page of something! :P

  5. I love seeing other peoples artwork and I really your silhouette face drawing xx

  6. Me too, it's a great way to get inspired :) thank you as well! :) xo

  7. I love this ! .. I love the way you draw.. the silhouette face drawing is just 'WOW'. It's so true that the end result feels like a big achievement, love that feeling! x

  8. AW bless you, thank you so much :') xo


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