Saturday, 4 October 2014

10 things only contact lens wearers know to be true

Picture of an eye 'cos who wants to see a picture of my lens solution. The person whose eye this is doesn't even wear lenses. 

1. The absolute bliss of putting in a fresh pair. Seriously this is such a nice feeling. No scratchiness and I swear my eyeballs feels moisturized.

2. Having no idea how long you've actually been using your two weeklies for...

3. you carry on using them 'cos it's better to not waste them.

4. Say goodbye to long nails unless you want pain and possibly split lenses. 

5. Applying and wearing make up come with extra risk. Makeup smeared on a lens is a whole new world of pain.

6. The pain of not being able to wear coloured contact lenses 'cos then you won't be able to see :(

7. When you've just put them in and people ask if you've been crying.

8. And "since when did you wear glasses? What?! You've been wearing contacts for six years?! I never even knew!" Yes, I am as amazed as you are...

9. And "ew you touch your eyeballs?!" I apologize that my less than perfect eyesight bothers you, it bothers me too.

10. "Show me!" No.

amber x 


  1. Hahaha, this is soooooo true! I ALWAYS have tears rolling down my eyes whenever I put my contacts in and people just stare at me and say, "Jess, if you're crying, why do you still wear contacts? Just stop wearing them if they're painful!". I hate how very few colour contacts are available for prescription and the ones that do offer prescriptions is more expensive :(

  2. haha I lol'd and I don't even wear contacts :)

  3. Aha, welcome to the secret life of contact lens wearers, presented by David Attenborough...

  4. Yes! I had that the other day! x

  5. Ahaha I always get the "ohh my gosshhh what's happened are you ok?!" like I'm sobbing my heart out haha :'D me too, it actually annoys me so much cos I wanna try them but i'd need my glasses to see! :( x

  6. Omg haha SO TRUE. Especially 8 and 9. People are always surprised when they find out I wear glasses. Xx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  7. Same, it's like they expected me to keep them updated with how my eye sight is :P x

  8. Also, the fact that sometimes I can put them in the wrong eyes and not actually notice until the afternoon. That's not just me, right?! I wear monthlies and I'm the worst for not swapping them!

    Sammy xo.

  9. Actually... I haven't done that before :P my case has a L and R lid haha :P xo

  10. Omg preach it girl I can relate to this so much :') I always look like I've been bawling my eyes out after putting my contacts in, only to find that I've put one in funny and my eyes start watering again. And yes I was gutted to not be able to wear coloured lenses for Halloween :c

    Sarah xx

  11. All of these are so true and to add to number 2, having each lens in for a different amount of time and still having no clue how long they have been in!