Wednesday, 22 October 2014

10 things I've learnt from living with guys...

1. They actually are messy. But when they clean, they really go for it. They're also perfectly happy to tackle the garden and any really gross jobs like getting rid of maggots from under the bin.

2. You get a lot of bruises from who knows what. Possibly from the bb-gun, or from being dragged around in an ASDA basket.

3. They don't talk anywhere near as much as girls do, and they also seem to have a limit on how much chatter they can listen to (don't let it offend you - they're trying).

4. When they do talk it's usually in nonsense. Just random words and questions. It makes absolutely no sense.

5. They eat a lot of meat.

6. You feel good about being able to eat a whole large dominos pizza to yourself.

7. Boys t-shirts are very comfy.

8. They're good at looking after you when you cry. I can't remember if the boys had to get used to me crying loads, or if they were just already ok with it when we moved in. They just seem to know what to do.

9. Sometimes it's like having children in the house. But huge children who are much bigger than you. In a non-creepy at all kinda way...

10. It's so much more fun. If you're into the kind of fun that involves a game of roulette with a bb gun and  vodka...


  1. Waaaaait, you live with boys?! HOW MANY? I live with four and I'm soooo close to pushing them off a cliff hahahaha.

  2. Ahahaha :'D I live with two boys and another girl, so only four of us altogether. These guys are great, couldn't not live with them! :P

  3. I'm glad you're getting on so well with your housemates. I live with 4 boys and I'm literally ready to end it all... E.g I have the downstairs room and right now all I can hear is the PS3 just blaring, plus I spend my life putting the toilet seat down, my whole life. xx

  4. Boys are fun! And yes it definitely makes me feel good about all the pizza!

  5. haha this is sooo true! they are crazy messy and childlike at times for sure, but definitely a lot of fun and cuuute - which is why we don't kill them! ;)

  6. It must be different living with men as housemates as opposed to living with them as a partner! My husband is the tidy one and he's not like the guys you describe above AT ALL... BUT if you put him in a house with all blokes I know fine well you'd be accurately describing what he'd be like!! Haha!

    Simone | Thirty Something OAP

  7. Aw bless you! I know I am very lucky to be living with these two guys :P xo

  8. They are! One of them bought an awesome remote controlled helicopter so that has been our new fave toy for the last few days!

  9. Soooo messy and childlike! The kitchen at the moment makes me want to cry :P

  10. God it's probably so different! This is only our second year living away from our parents homes, so they are still kids ;) and yes they are so much worse when they are together! :P xo

  11. I love this post! Number one is so true :p x


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