Sunday, 7 September 2014

This week happiness is... #9

Rather personal pic. Yes that is my bed. Yes they are my fluffy panda socks.

Moving back to Portsmouth! Yayy! Portsmouth is probably where I feel most at home, in a small city by the sea. So happy to be back!

Unpacking everything and getting my new bedroom all sorted. I got the big room hehe (I have more stuff okayyy!) and i'm nearly all unpacked. First thing I did was put up my fairy lights. Now it's home.

Seeing my besties again! Finally! So happy to have them back and spending loads of time with them. I've missed them loads.

Glitter. I was barely moved in a few hours and trying to untangle my glitter covered butterfly fairy lights I managed to get glitter all over my bed. And now it's getting everywhere.

Fruit cider and playing drinking card games again. Oh it's good to be a student.

Girly catch ups and nights in.

Binge watching Luther. We've finished it already.... how? That's literally all we've done all week...

Shopping for homey stuff 'cos we're old ladies at heart. We bought cheap throws from Primark to cover up the sofas, cushions and candles! Yay! The boys are gonna love the place when they get back.

Yummy, healthy dinners.

Having a double bed again! So much more space to fit all my cushions around me and make my little nest. I can't be the only one who likes a nesty bed...

It's been a mad week, it went so slow at the start and then one of my housemates moved in and now nearly everyone is back and it's gone so quickly! What have you got up to this week that made you happy? :)


  1. Sounds like a whole lot of fun! :D can't wait to be a student!

  2. Huge beds are the best!! at least you made the bed for the photo which is more than I would do!

    I really want to watch Luther! Is it any good?

  3. I cannot WAIT to get back to uni in 3 weeks for basically all of the reasons you've listed. Working full-time at an accounting firm has made me appreciate student life a million times more! x

  4. It was just as I moved in...will never be made again.
    It's super good! Finished it off in a few days haha.

  5. It is the best! You'll love it! x