Sunday, 28 September 2014

This week happiness is... #12

Receiving two parcels in the post from my fam: this gorgeous velvety red blanket which I haven't stopped snuggling in, a cactus pen 'cos they 'couldn't send me a real plant', a key chain from Dubai and a few copies of New Scientist magazine. It was like Christmas!

Starting lectures and actually finding all of them really interesting (so far). Yay for second year Biochemistry!

Meeting new people. I've started a French module this year and met lovely people there, and 'cos I don't finish French until 9pm on a Monday I went straight to the pub with my housemate for rock society's social and met more lovely people!

Street dance class. I went to a taster for Contemporary dance and hated it. Too stuffy and floaty for me and I got stepped on way too many times. But on the way home I bumped into a new friend who said she was going to a taster class for street so I just went with her! And that was way more fun, and I met more lovely people!

Painting my nails black again.

Finding a denim Topshop pinafore in a size 8 in a charity shop for £3.99! Obviously I bought it right away and I love it! Glad I didn't buy one full price.

Cherry vodka.

Having no lectures for the rest of the week after a hellish seven hours on Monday.

Snuggey blankies and onesies.

Buying more fun make up to cheer myself up. I got silver sparkles, black sparkles, orange lip cream (what even is lip cream?!) and a blue eyeliner. I hardly wear makeup ever but am trying to play about with it more 'cos I love dressing up.

It's been a bit of a mad week of settling back in, meeting new people and getting house stuff sorted. I'd say it seems like a pretty good week, but it's also been mega stressful and overwhelming. But writing this post shows me that it's not all bad and there are little things to enjoy all the time :) how has your week been? What was the best bit? :)


  1. That's a late finish. I used to have Russian class late, I think until 7 or 8, it was weird walking home from uni in the dark.

    I want the velvet blanket, please.

    Corinne x

  2. Seven hours on a Monday! That's a raw deal! Awesome charity shop find too! I love it when that happens although there is no Topshop here, so I never have luck finding Topshop goods in the charity shops.

    Best bit for me, was taking a sneaky day off on Friday and working from home instead of going to the conference :)

  3. Yep it is weird! It's weird that everyone is starting to go out at that time as well when I'm just heading home! x

  4. Yep! Another seven hours today, how am I gonna do this haha! I know! It was meant to be - it was right at the front of the rail I spotted it as soon as I walked in. Love at first sight <3

    Ahh lucky you! I have tomorrow off uni, days off are the best!!

  5. I'm glad you're settling in and everything! That's a late finish, I used to finish a lecture at 7 and think that was too late haha! That blankie looks SO cosy x

  6. Thanks Josie! It is so snug and cotch i drag it all over the house with me <3 would take it to those late lectures if I could! xo