Sunday, 21 September 2014

This week happiness is... #11

Freshers week woop! Not that I'm a fresher but I can still enjoy it! Getting drenched in paint while singing and grooving to a remix of Let It Go in Popworld was deffo a highlight.

Hot showers. Especially when covered in paint and still slightly drunk at 3am.

Dominos pizza. Oh my stars I've been waiting all Summer for one of these! The Dominos in my home town is mega sucky but the one in Portsmouth is perf.

Wearing my new vintage tartan skirt out for the first time. It's my new fave.

Cosy nights in watching crap series with the housemates.

Pringles. We have gone through a ridiculous number of tubes of pringles... we're gonna start saving them.

Still wearing summery clothes.

Having nothing to do all day and making the most of freedom before starting lectures (seven hours on Monday whaaaaat).

So what's made you happiest this week? :)


  1. Last week the sun made me happy and a date with a great guy! :)

  2. I love how sunny it still is! Dates are nice ;) xo

  3. Kris loves the Pringles! I'm not sure a big fan of them.

    It's hard trying to convince the people here that Dominoes is awesome... they have much higher pizza standards !