Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Student Life || Packing for Uni / Take Two

This time last year I wrote this post on packing for uni, not sure why I did, I had no freaking clue what I was on about! I did seem to get some good points across to be fair... and maybe some not so good points haha. So after a year's experience here's a second go at packing for uni!

1. Same as I said last year, you're not packing to go on holiday, so bring all the things.

2. I said last year as well "don't forget your student cookbook" but scratch that, do forget it, you'll never use it. Trust me.

3. Whether you are in a house or halls you need to know what is already in the house, things like pans and mugs. I was in a house for the first year and basically, all the kitchen stuff was provided but we bought more bits anyway.

4. Last year I brought the bare minimum to uni with me, but this year I'm bringing any books to read, all my art stuff and my ukulele. Not that I even can play the ukulele but it's good to know it's there.

5. If it's your first year do make sure you have what you need for maybe one night, so bring some food, or most students do a shop with their parents when they get there. You won't know where everything is. If you're second year or older, fuck it you know where everything is! Be lazy man. (If you're second year or older why are you even reading this post...?)

6. Bring stuff to make your room homey - fairy lights, photos, I actually have a cotch lampshade for my room as well :)

7. I'm super cool and keep all my painkillers and plasters in a lil bag as my first aid kit. This is not a bad idea, as much as I hate to be admitting to it on my blog where I'm trying my best to be cool (failing LOLZ).

8. Don't bother bringing or buying stupid food you won't eat. I know when your parents are buying your first food shop it's tempting to buy all the things, and they will want to buy all the things for you too, but don't. You do not need five packets of powdered soup that you will probably never actually use (I still had packets of mushroom soup at the end of last year from my first shop).

9. A lil toolkit. Ok, this is not essential but having just moved into my second-year house on my own I realised I needed some pliers or something along those lines! Just a few bits would be handy!

10. Shot glasses. 'Nuff said.


  1. Aw I'm reading this and missing uni! xxx

  2. I found it unexpected too but it is a necessity! x

  3. Well in that case I won't even bother to comment because I'm 'second year or older.... WAY older'. ;)

  4. Haha yeh you don't need advice! :P

  5. It was unexpected but when I arrived at uni last year I found myself needing a screwdriver, and did I have one? No. Good tip on bringing a toolkit, you never know when you're going to need it and not many people would even think of that!