Friday, 19 September 2014

Pros and cons of blogging...

Last week I wrote about how blogging is the cool thang now and this week I have another post revolving around blogging. Not even on purpose, go me! It's weird blogging about blogging isn't it? Anyway I'll get on with it...

I keep mentioning how much I'm struggling with blogging at the moment. And it is a constant feeling of being pulled in all directions. I have moments of mad inspiration and do the classic blogger thang of scribbling it all down in a tumblr worthy notebook (LOL). Sometimes I think to myself "why am I doing this?" and get all negative about it, as I do with everything else. But then there are a few things about it that make me feel a little better about myself and keep me going. Not just in blogging but actually getting out of bed, doing something with my days. So these lists aren't going to apply to everyone, but this is my blog, so these are my pros and cons of blogging...

.Feeling like I am too bad at writing to do this. That what I say just isn't interesting enough.
.Getting too wrapped up in 'internet-world' and just noticing everything that's wrong with the world.
.Comparing myself to others. I read some amazing blogs and am constantly like "why can't I be more like her?" I just don't think I'm interesting enough to be writing about my life.
.The occasional bitchiness. I had to mention it, soz gals. I haven't experienced much, and I am more sensitive than most, but when I do it knocks me massively and yes, I cry. Pathetic really.
.When you're not feeling motivated, and for me at the moment that's most of the time, it's impossible to have photos and posts ready simultaneously. 
.Not having the time when I am feeling motivated.

.The blogs that I read are inspiring and lovely, as are the people behind them.
.Can I say the people again?! I haven't met any of my fave bloggers in person, but chatting to them in post comments and on twitter makes me so happy (you know who you are!)
.Can I say comments again haha? Sometimes remembering a really lovely comment about my blog is enough to spur me onto the next post!
.Feeling proud that I have built something up from nothing and done it all myself.
.Having something to show for myself.
.Being able to look back over my life on it, like an online diary but a lil bit less emotional and a bit more sarcastic.

What are your personal pros and cons in blogging? What spurs you to carry on when it starts getting too much? :)


  1. Yeah I often have times when I don't feel like what I have to say, or share or even talk about is interesting enough, which then makes me feel like my life is dull. People don't like admitting about the bitchiness, but it's certainly there which is a shame.

  2. I havent experienced any bitchiness but thats probably because my blog is fairly new and I dont have a lot of followers (dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing). Dont worry about the haters because there are so many people (including me) who love your content.

    I would appreciate it so much if you would check out my blog

  3. I haven't experienced too much, but I've seen others have and that's upsetting too. Bless you, thank you so much :') xo

  4. I guess we have to make the dull bits sound great :P I think it's important to acknowledge it's there but just accept it, instead of bitching about bitches or we'll never get rid of it! xo

  5. I think this is a nice little list to bring everything back into perspective. I totally feel like this at times, especially when I'm busy with work, it can sometimes get me down that others have a lot more time to do all the blogging they want and sometimes I just can't.

    The bitchiness is so stupid but it's there. We all know it and people won't admit it. It's the nature of blogging that it can bring out your competitive side and what not. Sometimes I can a bit bummed about my life but then I try to remind myself that hanging about looking at some one else's life won't help and I have to make my own life worth looking at.

    Hope you work your way out of the blogging slump!