Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Instamonth #September

Taking my mates stuff at pres || we went swimming in the sea || new playsuit
No more page 3 tee || the effect of paint parties || Portsmouth beach
Tartan || mama sent me goodies! || snuggling my new blanket

I've been back in Portsmouth for all of September and it's been pretty good. Usual uni stuff like pub for drinking, friends houses for drinking, clubs for drinking, netflix for binge watching, coat racks and tambourines for stealing, paint parties, swimming and presents. A long and half mega busy and stressful month, and half really nice and chilled. The busy stuff is mostly in my head, like getting stuff organised. Lecturers are saying the c-word* all the time and it's stressing me out! But being back here with my friends is great :) I don't use instagram as much at uni, not sure why, probably 'cos I don't do much, I don't eat photogenic food and my house is ugly.

My insta is amberlove146 if you wanna see more pics - mostly weirdo selfies with my friends, if that's your thang yo'.
*career. The c-word is career...


  1. Hopefully next month things we get less stressful as you get used to everything again!

  2. I hope so! Gotta get used to the workload! xo