Monday, 1 September 2014

Instamonth #August

Countryside in Ireland || walk in Tilgate park || getting snuggy in a jumper
Brighton with the besty || selfie hoe || got my fave jammies out again
Watercolour doodles || piglets at a country show! || packing to move back to Portsmouth!

When this goes live I'll be in my new pad back in Pompey with no internet *sadface*. Looks like I've had such an exciting month!! Lots of hot drinks and getting cosy in jumpers thanks to the cold weather coming back. Lolz soz mentioned the weather again *shut up ambs*. I got to go to Ireland for a few days to visit the fam which was bliss, nothing like playing with my little cousins to forget everyday stresses. And my bud came down to visit so I dragged him to London and Brighton, weather wasn't great but we still had loads to do :) The piglets at the country show were adorable! I'd never been to a country show and my friends took me along with them. Not sure what I expected haha, despite living in Sussex for more than ten years I don't think I've ever quite fitted in here...

Anyone I'm not following on insta yet wanna leave their username? Mine is amberlove146 if you want to see more weirdo pics. 


  1. cosy & jumpers... sounds like perfect :)!

  2. I'm hoping to get to Ireland this month to visit my family, can't wait! Those piggies are TOO cute! x

  3. Love going to Ireland - second home to me :') ahh they are they were for sale too wish I coulda taken one home! xo

  4. Love autumn just so I can get cosy and wear cute jumpers!! xo

  5. Loving all the snuggly jumpers and cosy PJs! They're one of my fave parts about Autumn :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  6. Yay for jumper weather! We were doing so great and then the sun came back out... shame on you Belgium!