Friday, 5 September 2014

10 things I love about autumn

Earlier this year I wrote 10 things I love about spring and I thought I'd do the same for autumn (entirely missed out a post for summer - far too busy actually being outside!). Everyone does these generic lists, and to be honest everyone has things that cross over but it's so exciting coming into a new season and the change it brings so it is something I think it's fun to share!

1. The combination of warm and cooler weather. Everyone is whinging about how cold it is, maybe it's just where I am living but it's still warm and sunshiney! I like that I can wear t shirts still and go bare legged, but with some ankle boots on instead of flip flops!

2. Fluffy socks. My feet are always cold so to be honest I wear fluffy socks all year round. Mine have pandas on them which makes them more awesome.

3. Staying inside without feeling guilty! In summer any day you spend inside, even if it's 'cos you have to you feel guilty for wasting that sunshine right? I always do. Well now we don't have to feel guilty! It's the season for staying indoors and being boring!

4. On the other hand - getting bundled up in snuggey clothes and going out for a walk in the cold is also great.

5. More hot soup, less cold salads. I love a good salad but it feels so wrong eating a fresh salad in autumn/winter. I'd much rather warm, comforting vegetable soup. Carrot and coriander is deffo my fave. Any recipes out there hit me up.

6. Another guilt free thing -  wearing dark colours. I do this all year round as well but now I have an excuse! I live in black, grey and red to be honest and am happy to come into autumn when it's perfectly acceptable to. Oh and there's less of the annoying girly flowers everywhere that I hate. Soz gals.

7. Halloween! Who doesn't love Halloween?! I love dressing up for anything so any excuse really! Being a student it's basically just another excuse to dress up and get really drunk. Sounds pretty good to me.

8. Bonfires and fireworks. So I'm getting excited a bit early for these but so what?! Fireworks are one of my favourite things ever ever, and I love the smokey smell of bonfires.

9. Hot drinks. Obviously. Mostly hot chocolate, and mulled wine or cider. Bit early for the mulled wine and cider again but, again, I don't care! I love them!

10. Colourful autumn leaves. This is sucha mum thing to say! Or maybe I just think it is 'cos it's what my mam says every year. I agree with her too.

I've read a few of your september posts already :) and yes we all seem to love the same things! But let me know what you think in the comments. What's your favourite season? 


  1. Perfect list! So glad it's almost autumn and I can get my winter coat and woolies out.

    Followed :)

  2. Feeling guilty for not being out in the sun is a big one for me, I hate it!
    I definitely love the weather in Autumn, not too cold but not too warm :) x

  3. I'm so gonna use "It's the season for staying indoors and being boring!" whenever my parents ask my why I'm not going out haha! Great post :)

    Tania |

  4. I really a agree with point 1 and 10. I feel you girl! ;)

  5. I love the temperatures in Autumn! Outside or inside, is all good for me! Fireworks! Yes, although they don't have bonfire night here so no celebrating that :(

  6. I love your list, It's perfect! I can't wait to be able to experience different seasons :)

  7. Oooh, I do love autumn! I think I could be a little biased though, just because my birthday is in autumn ;) I live in NZ though, so the seasons are all backwards! My favourite thing about autumn is definitely all the hot drinks and soups. Mmmm, deliciousssssss.