Sunday, 31 August 2014

This week happiness is... #8

Listening to Imagine Dragons again. I used to be so into them and overplayed their album, as I always do, and now I've listened to it again and remember how awesome it is!

Really chocolatey hot chocolate.

Watching the last two Harry potter films one after the other. I just wish there was moooorreee! I've watched them so many times but when I'm not feeling my best they're such a good escape.

Endless cups of tea. I'm pretty sure I drink way too much. It's so bad for anxiety as well but it tastes so gooooood.

Watching best vines animal vids on youtube. Oh my stars animals are hilarrrious. Didn't realise how much this could cheer me up.

Hot honey and lemon to cure a sore throat. I hate being ill, but at the same time it means I get to drink loads of this and it's such a comforting drink. I know I could drink it when I'm not ill but it's just like something for a special occasion... get what I mean?!

New running trainers! My other ones are too small for me wah :( I loved them so so much! My new pair are also great though and I can't wait to get out in them!

My last week at home with my family before moving to Portsmouth (today!) and I've appreciated quality time with my fam and my friends down here. It's gonna be weird going back.

I realise now I mentioned three different hot drinks as separate things. Wow whatta wild week... it's the weather, it's finally acceptable to wear fluffy socks and drink too many hot drinks! Have you guys been enjoying it getting colder? Or are you still firmly stuck in summer mode? I do hope the weather gets good when I'm back in Portsmouth so I can make the most of the beach!


  1. I LOVE Imagine Dragons... I have a soft spot as they were the first band I saw in concert! I maybe have over played the album too, but I like to put it on and remember the concert and how amazing it was! I like to listen to them at work, definite feel good music for me.
    My tea intake is laking as no one has restocked the milk at work... all last week I couldn't have any tea. I was getting quite cranky by the end of it.

    Good luck with the move!!

  2. Aww that's awesome! Love them :') I would not be able to go a few hours without tea! Had to check there would be a kettle when i moved in ;) xo