Monday, 25 August 2014

This week happiness is... #7

Staying out late at the skate park and stargazing. I saw three shooting stars! Was so peaceful.

Actually skating as well and slightly improving :')

Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. So it's not sunny anymore but I'm not gonna let that stop me drinking summer ciders! (Can we just take a moment to appreciate cider please? Isn't it the best?)

Shopping day with my mama and finding the perfect pair of jeans! I have been hunting (yes hunting) for the perfect pair of high waisted 'mom' jeans for sooo long. They just never fit me quite right - always too baggy on my waist but too tight on my legs. But Urban Outfitters had the perfect pair and oh so soft.

Chocolate frappe milkshakes from caffe nero.

Excitement of moving back to Portsmouth building up!

Skyping my best friend for a mega needed catch up. I haven't seen her all summer 'cos she lives in Slovenia and I miss her so much! We hugged our laptops when we said bye...

Seeing my lil sis performing in a show in London after her spending a week doing classes down there - it was so good! Well done bista! ;)

Sorry this has gone up a day late, I wasn't sure it'd even go up. It's been a stressful week, and I know I say this in everrryyy single post but blogging is so hard right now! And I also say this every week - it's you guys keeping me going :') so cheer me up and tell me the best bits of your week! xo


  1. I've never seen a shooting star! I think I need to get outside more at night time, and find myself somewhere that's not full of lights. I'm trying to step away from jeans but I always had a hard time resisting the ones from Topshop.

    Best bits for me was homemade clotted cream and scones! Got to pop to the shop and make myself some more tonight ;)

  2. Love this list! Inspiring me to write one in my notebook this morning.

    Great blog!

  3. I love reading your weekly posts! They make me feel slightly like a stalker though...
    Ahh have you had the caramel + coffee frappe from nero? So good omonomonom.

    Best thing about this week was wooping everyone ass's at Mario Kart because I am a 5 year old boy at heart. Oh it's good to be alive.

  4. I had never seen one either and then three in one night! Made me feel so small and in such a good way!
    Oh wow lucky you! Loove homemade scones! x

  5. Aw thank you :') would love to see one posted on your blog! x

  6. Stalkings one of my main hobbies too so it's cool yo'. Haven't tried that one, I'm a woman of habit and never stray ;) ahh i miss good ole mario kart sessions! Must dig it out again...

  7. I love these posts <3 I read all of them~
    Cheer up and let all your worries fade away. I personally love relaxing while watching
    essiebuttonvlogs (yeay if you know her)