Sunday, 10 August 2014

This week happiness is... #5

(Sorry for the rubbishy iphone photos! It's all I had!)

Getting free food on our flight to Ireland after an air hostess dropped a suitcase on my head.

How big the sky is in Ireland.

Visiting lots of family! And spending time with little ones is good for the soul.

Three Chinese meals, all from the same place. Two takeaways and one meal out. No regrets. It was my sister's birthday and visiting fam in Ireland is a big deal yo' don't hate.

Also Pizza Express...

Reading properly again. By properly I mean a book in a day! In the last two weeks I've read Tampa, Gone Girl, The Bat, Eeny Meeny and How to Build a Girl (anyone else read these books? What did ye think?). Probably doesn't sound like a lot but I really got out of the habit!

Watching She's the Man with the fam. Such a classic film. Big love for Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum. Mostly big love for Channing Tatum though. 

Giving my sister her birthday presents! Even though she already had the book I gave her...we're gonna swap it today. The Lush stuff was right though!

It's been a mad busy week and I'm typing this at quarter past midnight on Saturday night, and I have work all day tomorrow! How has your week been? :) 


  1. Who can hate on Chinese food, it's so so good!
    I've come to the conclusion that despite trying and trying, I am just not a reader... Despite liking it a lot when I do actually read.
    Hope your head's alright!

  2. I know! I always get the same thing though :P ahh I am once I get into it but have to find really good books! It's fine thanks, was much more embarrassing than painful aha x

  3. I love this "this week happiness is" idea! really makes u appreciate life
    would u mind if I post something like this?
    Also,Chinese food izzz the best!!

    Please check out my blog <3

  4. Ahh not at all go for it! Come back and leave a link to it so I can read it I love reading posts like this :') x

  5. That is a lot of books! I reallllly want to read How To Build A Girl. x

  6. Deffo read it! It starts off a bit meh, I didn't connect with her as a 14 yo girl but as the protagonist gets older I found her much easier to find common ground with x

  7. Sounds like you've had a really good week. She's the man is such a classic film, I always watch it when its on telly. Also wow thats a lot of books to read! I've read Gone Girl and really liked it, and I wanna read How to Build a Girl, although I've heard mixed reviews on it.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  8. I love your blog. You have amazing inspirational photos - you nailed it! Hope you can take

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