Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I am, I am trying to be, I am not...

This photo was from a set for an outfit post but the rest of the photos weren't good enough to make a post. So I've stuck this one in here ;)

I saw this post on Kerri's blog (one of my faves) and she had seen it on someone else's blog and I think this post is gonna be doing the rounds 'cos it is a lovely, simple one.

I am...
.Hugely sarcastic
.A good friend (wow that's a boring one)
.Getting better at writing! I think...
.Insecure and nervous

I am trying to be...
.More interesting
.Less annoying
.A better person
.More focused on actual good things in life, rather than worrying about other people and everything bad all the time.
.More organised with blogging! It will get there at some point, although I'm not really sure where there is...

I am not...
.An introvert or an extrovert. Can we really box people into just these two options?
.Exercising enough at all
.Good at painting my nails

So. There you go! Struggling again with blogging and reading my fave blogs gives me a lil kick of inspiration, so thanks Kerri :') If any of you have done it/will do it link it to me in the comments! And I'll ask you the same thing Kerri asked ('cos it was a genius idea!) and if you don't do a post of it, do a couple of these for yourself in the comments! 


  1. LOVE THIS!! (you are super welcome too!)
    Nothing bad about being a good friend :) I think my sarcasm is reaching levels where it's a problem... or rather no one understands it and I come across like an arrogant twat all the time. No worries.
    I agree on the extrovert/introvert... I'm a bit of both really.

    In the spirit of this...

    I am... meant to be working but I'm actually reading this instead.
    I am trying to be... calm and not loose my shit with the people I have to work with.
    I am not... Everyone's go to person for help and favours any more.

  2. Glad I'm not the only sarky one around here! I think I can come across as arrogant, but i see at as a way of talking about things in a less serious way :P
    Ah sorry to hear about work :( I'm so bad at staying calm! But I let it boil up inside me :/ is there anything you can do about it? x

  3. This is a great post! It's good to remind yourself of your good qualities and also of your goals in regards to where you want to be! Hopefully they'll be on your 'i am' pile soon.

    Corinne x

  4. I agree, sarcasm and humour, is there any other way to talk about things? ;)

    It's just a stupid day at work, like every day. It's just the environment, not even the job itself, the people and the place make me hate it. But the money is good :)

  5. It lightens every situation! ;)

    That's the worst :( I go back to uni in two weeks so was leaving work anyway but just quit a week early 'cos the atmosphere is horrible and bitchy :( shame cos I used to love it!

  6. Thanks chick :) I hope so too! x

  7. I love this! I'm also sarcastic :D I love your necklaces xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. Why are you not doing updating :(

  9. Bless you for asking :') keep feeling unsure about my blog so haven't been writing, if I can think of enough good bits from this week i might have the post up tomorrow :) xo

  10. Love this post Amber :) Might steal this one ;) hehehe x

    The Ambii Smiley Blog!

  11. Thanks girl :) yeh do it! Would love to read it xo