Tuesday, 12 August 2014

English writing lesson

I'm obviously not one for blogging rules (refer to my last sarky post) and think everyone should do what pleases them while blogging BUT writing in relatively OK English is so important. Not just in blogging but in the real world too, especially as I'm sure many bloggers are interested in writing professionally. I'm not saying you have to write everything perfectly, on your blog it's good to write how you talk (I always shorten because to 'cos) to make it feel more personal. I also do not know every grammar rule or everything about the English language however there are a few words I notice that bloggers seem to misunderstand the meanings of...

1. The word INFAMOUS. Oh my stars if I see one more blogger use this word in the wrong place I'll give up blogging. I see so many bloggers using it, and then following it with a sentence praising the thing they just described as infamous! I honestly don't know where this misunderstanding of the word came from I really don't. If you're still not clear infamous means famous for a bad reason. It does not just mean famous! If you want to say famous say famous! 

2. The words brought and bought. I know they're very similar but no they are not interchangeable. Bought is the past tense of buy. Brought is the past tense of bring. 

3. The words affect and effect. Once again they do not mean the same thing! Affect is a verb. Effect is usually a noun. Please don't make me explain what verbs and nouns are.

4. The word literally. NO you are not "literally" dying to get your hands on that latest Lush bath bomb! If you were literally dying, YOU'D ACTUALLY BE DYING OMFG! But you're not "literally" dying you're "figuratively" dying so stop saying you are "literally" doing absolutely everything.

5. Apostrophes. I really can't bring myself to explain where everyone is going wrong here so I'll focus on the one example that I can't stand. "It's" and "its" drive me mad. "It's" is a contraction of "it is". "Its" is just "its". To be honest general grammar like this can be tricky - it's too easy to be lazy on twitter (or to try and fit everything in one tweet!) and sometimes grammar rules can be bent creatively and actually work really well. But the "it is" and "its" thing still stands.

So are you guilty of any of these? Be honest! ;) Also this post is not meant to be harsh. I think these words have been used over and over again by bloggers, then other bloggers read it and adopt it into their style of writing. So if you didn't know, now you do! And you will start noticing it on everyone's blogs and it'll drive you mad too! Anyone got anymore grammar advice? Anything I could improve personally? :)


  1. I'm terrible for the 'literally' but it's a lifestyle thing of mine. I use it everyday because I like exaggerating everything. :)

  2. Well as long as you know what it actually means ;) we all have those little words we tweak! x

  3. Hahah what an amazing post. As an English student these are things that I find really annoying too - especially the misuse of "literally", it *almost literally* drives me insane!

    Tania | thearistochats.blogspot.com

  4. I get affect and effect mixed up. I just try to avoid using it because I can't get my head around it!

    I didn't know the infamous thing but I never use that word anyway!

    Corinne x

  5. Same here... never used infamous before!
    Jade x

  6. hehe this kind of thing just makes me chuckle. I like to make sure my own writing is up to scratch but other peoples I can give or take, depending on how bad it is. I work with a lot of non native speakers so I'm used to reading quite random English phrases let alone some strange grammar.

  7. I'm definitely guilty of the literally thing, I know what it means but I still use it on my blog and in real life like a total noob! I so agree with infamous, it's the only thing that drives me proper mad. x


  8. That's fair enough - took me a bit to grasp them, I try saying it out loud see how it sounds :)
    You might start noticing it now, I see it on every other blog I click on! x

  9. You must notice more things as well then! These are just the few that I notice, I just thought they were things anyone who went to school knew!

  10. That's fair enough, I totally admire people who are learning English as another language! I like to be careful with my writing, I obviously don't take blogging too seriously but these mistakes are just careless.

  11. Most people do use it to be fair - it probably bothers me the least out of these, and I think it was another blogger who pointed this out to me :P infamous is the biggest one for me, I just see it too much! x

  12. I agree with most but I can be a culprit with using 'literally' all the time which I shouldn't. Oops! I say this a lot in person too. The affect and effect thing annoys me though, I'm glad you brought it up.


  13. Most people are saying they use literally - but know what it means anyway! Just another way we are shaping the English language I guess! I keep noticing my friend getting affect and effect mixed up in texts and have to bite my tongue! Maybe I should send him this post :P

  14. HA. I definitely say "literally" far too many times out of context. I write it cos I say it, and I say it cos it's a reaaaally bad habit. Must get rid of it soon!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  15. Everyone seems to say literally! To be honest I didn't even notice it, and it didn't bug me until another blogger pointed it out to me! :P xo